WV SORO Update Archive

October 7, 2008

WV SORO Fall Newsletter

The latest edition of Surface Owners' News should have arrived in your mailboxes. However, for those those who requested only the online version, it is now available here.  If you would like to change you mailing preference for future newsletters, e-mail info@wvsoro.org and let us know which version you want to receive.

Legislative Interim Update

Although we included an update on the August and September legislative interim meetings in the newsletter, we learned after going to press that the committees looking at oil & gas issues have decided to postpone additional presentations until November.  Although we had hoped they would give these issues more attention this month, we continue to hear from the committee chairs and other committee members that they are very interested in the subject and we are confident that they will give it further attention before the legislative session begins in February. Delaying further discussions a month, means legislators will not be preoccupied with the upcoming election and we will have more time to organize. We will continue to keep you posted.

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