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October 24, 2008

Upcoming Events ~ Educational Meetings This Weekend and Next Week

WV Highlands Conservancy's Fall Review ~ AFC Retreat and Conference Center near Marlinton, WV
The Saturday evening program (7:30 PM) will be an informative presentation and discussion about the new rush to drill the Marcellus Shale gas formation that lies deep beneath the surface all across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. The size of the well sites and depth of the drilling and the hydrofracing has raised questions across the region about everything from leasing to water use and withdrawal. Presenters include Lee Avery (Petroleum Geologist and Manager, Oil and Gas Program, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey) and Dave McMahon (WV SORO and Mountain State Justice).
*Note: Although we previously indicated that reservations were required for this event, the Saturday night program (7:30 PM) is open to the public. Dinner that night, overnight lodging, and other meals require reservations, but the program doesn't. The Marcellus presentations will actually take place at the Pocahontas Opera House located at 818 3rd Avenue in Marlinton (about three blocks into town from the Greenbrier River on Rt. 39, which is also 8th Street at this section of Marlinton). Click here for more information.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Informational Meeting on Surface Owners’ Rights Hosted by the Northern Wayne County Community Association
7:00 PM ~ Old Buffalo High School Cafeteria, Buffalo Creek Road, off State Rt. 75 across from Buffalo Elementary School in Wayne County, WV
Dave McMahon, a public interest lawyer and founder of WV SORO will give a presentation with a question and answer period to follow.
For more information or contact BJ Smith, N. Wayne Co. Community Assoc., (304) 453-2033 or Julie or Norm @wvsoro.org or (304) 346-5891

*New Event* Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Informational Meeting on Oil & Gas Leasing Hosted by the WV Farm Bureau
6:00 PM ~ Gilmer County Recreation Center, 1365 Sycamore Run Road, Glenville, WV  (Phone: 462-7653)
The WV Farm Bureau has invited WV SORO to participate in a panel discussion on oil & gas leasing.  The Farm Bureau and industry will also be represented on the panel.  Gary Zuckett will be representing WV SORO. 
For more information contact Joan Harman with the WV Farm Bureau at (304) 472.2080 ext. 306 or joanh@wvfarm.org

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Educational Meeting on Oil & Gas Leasing in Doddridge County
6:30 PM ~ Doddridge County Park, Snowbird Road, Smithburg, WV (near West Union)
Planned by local WV SORO organizers, the meeting will focus on oil & gas leasing for those who are considering leasing their minerals and will provide mineral owners with information on bad provisions in leases and discuss additional surface owner protections that landowners can insist on before signing a lease. Most mineral owners don’t know that there are usually bad provisions in leases that can and should be crossed out and that they can insist on lease add-ons or addendums that provide additional protections for their land. Dave McMahon, a public interest lawyer and founder of WV SORO, and Alvin Engelke, an experienced mineral owner/well operator and WV Farm Bureau board member, will make presentations, with a question and answer period to follow.
For more information Sharon Marshok (304-623-1245 or smarshok@msn.com) or Nancy Powers (304-623-0482 or or Nancypsalem@aol.com)

I want to apologize once again for the confusion about the location for the Morgantown meeting.  I  heard from at least one member who did not receive the correction in time and traveled 2 1/2 hours to attend the meeting.  I regret that this happened and apologize for any inconvenience. Mistakes sometimes happen and we appreciate your understanding.

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