WV SORO Update Archive

September 25, 2009

Letters from EQT, Others Regarding Free Gas and Federal Income Tax

Many WV SORO members who receive free gas recently received letters from EQT regarding their free gas. Members may start getting similar letters from other producers regarding their free gas.  The letter says that the producer thinks that all or a portion of the value of the free gas that at least some surface owners receive may be "income" for the purposes of federal income tax.  The letter wants the surface owners to send the company an IRS W-9 form disclosing their social security numbers. Whether to send this in is a decision that you have to make based on your reading of IRS forms and regulations, or consultations with a tax adviser.  WV SORO is not a tax adviser, however, we have added a page to our website which lays out the issues and options, and we will update the page as we get more information. Click here to learn more. 

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