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October 21, 2009

Thursday & Friday ~ Discovery Channel's Plant Green to Air "Split Estate"
West Virginia surface owners are all to familiar with what it's like to have having little recourse when an oil & gas company wants to drill on their land.  "Split Estate" documents citizens fighting to protect their civil liberties, their communities and their health in the wake of a new drilling boom in the Rocky Mountain West.  The Discover Channel's Plant Green will broadcast "Split Estate" Thursday October 22 at 11pm ET and Friday October 23 at 3pm ET. You can read more about the film here and here

October 28 ~ Webinar on "Treatment/Disposal Options for Wastewaters from Shale Gas Drilling"
1- 2 PM, Speaker: Bryan Swistock, Water Resources Specialist, School of Forest Resources, Penn State University
Click here to register.

WV-SORO Video Project Kicks-Off
WV-SORO is launching a new listening project to document the problems surface owners endure and bring more light and exposure to our issues.  This multi-media project will combine video interviews with landowners and photographs of problems on their property with narrative that can be easily accessed at our website by policy makers and the media. Our organizer Norm Steenstra will be in the field doing interviews beginning this weekend. However, we are still looking for interested surface owners who would be willing to share their story and show damage to their property on camera.  Please e-mail norm@wvsoro.org if you are interested in helping us with this project and check the Surface Owner Stories portion of our website for new additions.

WV-SORO Fall Newsletter Coming Soon
We are starting to put together the Fall 2009 edition of Surface Owners' News.  We hope to have it in the mail and available on the website early next month.  We have lots to report.  If you have ideas or submissions for the newsletter please send them to julie@wvsoro.org

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