WV SORO Action Alert Archive

December 11, 2011

Governor's Bill is Terrible; Press Conference, Public Hearing TOMORROW (12/12)

Just a quick update to let you know that we have reviewed the Governor's Marcellus Shale bill. Our initial analysis is that the bill is substantially weaker than the bill recommended by the Select Committee and unfortunately, we are not sure it can be fixed in the short time of a special session. We'll have more details available at tomorrow's press conference and will send out a more detailed update soon.  WV-SORO and other citizen groups are holding a press conference at noon in the lower rotunda to discuss our concerns. 

We have also confirmed there will be a public hearing tomorrow on the Governor's bill  at 4:30PM in the House Chamber. The House Judiciary Committee is holding the hearing and plans to take up the bill at a 9AM meeting Tuesday morning.  We suspect the industry requested the public hearing and we expect their supporters to turn out in force after rallying at the Capitol. 

We hope to see some of you in Charleston tomorrow. And for those who can't make it we appreciate your taking the time to contact your legislators. Legislators need to know that we want a strong bill. Slow progress would be disappointing, considering the extent of the problems but at least it would be progress.  The Governor's bill is terrible and contains some provisions that would make it worse for surface owners than doing nothing at all. 

West Virginia Surface Owners' Rights Organization
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