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December 13, 2011

Call Delegates About Governor's Terrible Bill

The Governor's terrible bill, which guts the already weak bill produced by the Select Committee, has too much momentum to stop in the Senate. However, the Beckley Register-Herald reports that House members are asking lots of questions and many members are unhappy with the bill. That's what we heard from delegates we spoke with yesterday. 

In the House, opposition to the Governor's bill is bipartisan, and several members of the select committee oppose it. It's possible the House will kill the bill, or at least fix some of the worst provisions.

It's never been more important to call your delegate(s).  Click here for contact information. 

Please tell them that the Governor's bill is terrible. If you are especially concerned about a provision in the bill, mention it.

Among our concerns are that the bill:

  • Fails to require companies to negotiate with surface owners. 
  • Has well location restrictions (setbacks) that allow gas wells to be too close to homes and water wells.
  • Allows onsite burial of pit waste. 
  • Allows DEP to issue waivers for many requirements.
  • Lacks notice to neighboring landowners and the public. 
  • Contains too many limitations on the presumption of liability for water contamination. 
And much more (click here and here for more details).

Please call your delegate(s) today.  Click here for contact information. 

West Virginia Surface Owners' Rights Organization
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