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August 6, 2013

Aug. 9 Deadline for Comments on Ritchie County Injection Well

WV-SORO is sharing this information with it's members on behalf of Friends of the Hughes. They are new watershed group in Ritchie County A sample letter is included below.  The deadline for comments is this Friday, August 9. 2013.

The public has an opportunity to comment on a underground injection (UIC) well located in our region. Hall Drilling has applied for a modification to an existing underground injection well that is located in Ritchie County.  It is located east of Ellenboro on a side road off of old Route 50. There are two wells at the location, as well as two huge impoundments. The impoundents were built prior to new regulations that were instituted. 

The modification is to enable third party haulers to bring in toxic fluids for disposal into the injection wells. The current permit only allows Hall Drilling trucks to bring in the toxic fluids from its wells to the site. If the modification is approved, it means that any other companies can haul drilling waste to this site for disposal.

This will result in increased truck traffic in the Ellenboro area and on old Route 50 heading west from the Pennsboro area . This area is already subject to massive trucks accessing the gas station & the McDonalds located there. It will also increase the potential for accidents in the region.

API 47-085-09669, was drilled by Jay Bee Oil & Gas and sold to Hall Drilling late in 2009 or in 2010 for $ 50,000, and converted to an injection well in 2010. API 47-085-09909 was drilled by Hall Drilling specifically to be an underground injection well at this site.

Additional information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/FriendsoftheHughes. Documents pertaining to this well can also be found at http://members.citynet.net/sootypaws/gws/uic/ (see Commercial UIC II Disposal Well 47-085-09669 at the bottom of the page).
Below is a sample letter that or can be mailed or emailed to the James A. Martin, Chief of the WV DEP Office of Oil & Gas (OO&G). In submitting your comments, please ask the WV DEP to hold a PUBLIC MEETING before they make a decision. Again, the deadline for public comments is August 9, 2013.

Email to: James.A.Martin@wv.gov  and  Copy: James.A.Peterson@wv.gov (UIC Permitting, OO&G) & Pamela.Nixon@wv.gov (head of the WV DEP Environmental Advocates Office) [Note:  If you email, ask for verification that it has been received.]
Mail to:    Office of Oil and Gas
                  Mr. James A. Martin
                  601 57th Street, SE
                  Charleston, WV 25304-2345

Sample Letter:

Mr. Martin,

I would like to request that a public meeting be held to discuss the changes that have been requested for UIC Permit Application # UIC2D0859669 , well 47-085-09669, Shanley 6A.

I have concerns about ground water & stream pollution.

Please also note this site is within 1200 to 1500 feet uphill from a cluster of dwellings.

Many residents in this region rely on private water wells. I also have concerns about the increase of toxic materials being transported through our region.

It is also my understanding that Antero/Hall Drilling is the current owner of this disposal well. Antero's track record regarding accidents at their work sites has been atrocious in this region.  I also worry about the potential for accidents & mishaps occurring that will harm area residents.

Our emergency responders are ill equipped to deal with the level of toxicity they may be exposed to if accidents occur transporting fluids to the site or at the site. It is my understanding that the acidity of some these fluids is enough to burn the skin off of bones.

Please do NOT approve the changes that are being requested without giving interested parties an opportunity to voice their opinions and to have questions answered.

Please hold a public meeting to enable residents to voice concerns and to have questions answered.

Please verify receipt and verify that this electronic request will be considered.

Thank you,

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West Virginia Surface Owners' Rights Organization
1500 Dixie Street, Charleston, West Virginia 25311