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One of the most common problems affecting surface owners’ water wells occurs during the drilling of this open hole and now that the drill is pulled out.  With nothing to stop it, the water pours into the gas well hole the same way in pours into the hole at the bottom of the surface owner’s water well.  So much water can pour out of the good groundwater-bearing strata and into the much deeper gas well open hole, that it can deplete the groundwater aquifer where the surface owners water well is.

There is not much a driller can do to prevent this if the groundwater strata conditions set the stage for it to happen.  Fortunately this generally is temporary.  Once the metal casing and cement is put in as explained in the next slides, the leaking should stop.  In most cases the volume of water in the good groundwater strata will be “recharged” from rain or water flowing from yet further away.

If a surface owner loses water during drilling, call the state Office of Oil and Gas.  That office should send an inspector to get the company to give you a temporary water supply.

And keep a diary and any other records you can of the problems you experience to help you claim damages later.

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