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Winter 2020/21 Newsletter
Newsletter WVSORO Jan 12 2021
Read about valuing your surface rights, funding needed for the Office Oil and Gas, possible stimulus money to plug wells, a look back at our successes in the 2020 legislature, and a look at our 2121 Legislative priorities. More
Issues: FrackingHorizontal wellsLegislationOil and GasOrphaned wells
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young Jul 31 2020
There is a good chance that West Virginia and other states can get money in the next federal stimulus bill to plug more orphaned wells. We need you to contact Senators Capito & Manchin! More
Issues: Abandoned wellsOil and GasOrphaned wells
Cotenancy/Forced Pooling By OGCC can be challenged
BlogLeasing / Amendment Advice Kayla Young Jun 25 2020
WVSORO believes that two of the five members of the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission are not qualified to hold their positions. More
Issues: LeasingOil and Gas
WV-SORO Legislative 2020 Update 1
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young Feb 7 2020
We are 40% of the way through the legislative session, and bills for surface owners are moving right along! We are tracking several bills, moving through both chambers.  More
Governor’s Appointment to Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Blasted
Press ReleaseUpdates and Alerts Kayla Young Oct 29 2019
A representatives of surface owners and mineral owners today blasted the Governor for appointing a long time leading oil and gas industry member, a person who is still a consultant and expert witness for the industry, to the seat designated for the public on the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  More

New Resources and Advice

WVSORO Sample Answer to a Partition Suit
Partition Suit Advice Kayla Young Aug 19 2020
Our co-founder lawyer has drafted a sample that can be used to fight a partition suit filed in Circuit Court that attempts to take a mineral owner's interest in their land from them. More
Issues: Partition suits
I own a share of a mineral tract and I have been included in (or threatened with) a partition suit. What should I do? A West Virginia Supreme Court case stops mineral partition suits. Use it!
Partition Suit Advice WVSORO Apr 2 2020
If you are sued for partition of your interest in a mineral tract, or if you are just threatened with such a lawsuit to try to get you to sign a lease or to sign a lease with terms that you do not want, do not be alarmed.  You should know that the West Virginia Supreme Court has made a decision which we believe says that minerals are not subject to partition. More
Issues: Partition suits
The Provisions Needed by Surface Owners In Surface Use Agreements
Advice Kayla Young Aug 26 2019
This page on our website has been updated to include the effect of a recent West Virginia Supreme Court case that in essence says that surface owners’ agreement is needed for the placement of well sites for horizontal wells on their land. In particular the updated page links to advice to surface owners who might agree to use of their land for the right price and with the right protections. More
Have you been sued, or threatened to be sued, for partition of your minerals?
AdviceLeasing / Amendment Advice Kayla Young Dec 17 2019
Drillers have to get all of the co-owners (usually heirs of family property, and technically "cotenants") to sign a lease or a pooling amendment to a lease, before they can drill.  What if the driller cannot get all the co-owners to sign but the driller still wants to drill? More
Issues: LeasingMinerals-RoyaltiesOil and Gas
What are oil and gas wells’ “API” numbers? How to find them and use them to get info on wells.
Advice WVSORO Oct 2 2018
To find information about a particular oil or gas well (or to talk to agencies or others about it) it is best if you have the well’s API number. The API number (short for American Petroleum Institute number). It is like a well’s social security number. More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Map of some pipelines
Pipeline Advice WVSORO Sep 25 2018
The U.S. Department of Transportation which regulates pipeline safety has a web site with a map of where many interstate and some other pipelines are located. It does not include gathering lines owned by well drillers, or residential/commercial service distribution lines. More
Issues: Pipelines
Don’t Sell Your Surface Land in Horizontal/Shale Drilling Country!
Aquiring Mineral Rights Under Your LandSelling Land / Surface Owners Advice WVSORO Aug 2 2018
Under the new 2018 Cotenancy statute, and even under an older statute that oil and gas well drillers sometimes use, surface owners could end up owning an interest in the oil and gas minerals under their surface tract! More
Issues: Minerals-Royalties

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