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Information Regarding Connecting to “Free Gas”
Free Gas Advice WVSORO September 4, 2009
Use black gas, not water, pipeline It costs 36¢ per foot cents for 1 inch, and 50¢ per foot for 1 and 1/4 inch. My source recommended the larger 1 and 1/4. More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Free Gas, and IRS Form 1099 and IRS Form W-9, and Federal Income Taxation.
Free Gas Advice WVSORO August 17, 2010
WVSORO has heard that the IRS has given a gas company a ruling that it does not have to give 1099's for free gas. This may mean that the IRS has determined that it is not "income" for surface owners income tax purposes. More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Have you been turned down for “free gas” because you did not have the mineral owner’s agreement?
Free Gas Advice WVSORO October 29, 2014
Some surface owners believe that just because you have a gas well on your property you have a right to free gas. That is not true. More
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