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Cynthia Loomis Hardesty, Esq Loomis Law Office
Negotiations, Contract drafting, Permitting Process, Reclamation Issues, Environmental Damage, Litigation. Statewide WV, but particularly Doddridge, Ritchie, Harrison and Tyler counties. More
Brad Stephens (Stephens Law Office, PLLC)
General advice. Lease review and negotiation. Surface damage claims and agreements. Damages to surface water, groundwater or other assets. Assistance in commenting on well drilling permit applications. WVDEP proceedings. WV More
Sam H. Harrold, III, ESQ Attorney at Law
General Counsel and Full Service Law Firm, Coal, Oil & Gas Law, Easements & Rights-of-Way, Small Business Representation, Property Damages, Personal Injury, Criminal Law. Clarksburg, Elkins, Parkersburg, Kingwood, Martinsburg More
Andrew Earley, Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services
Lawyer don_alejandro
Environmental Litigation, General Counsel, Non-profit formation, Pipeline Negotiations, Right of Way Agreements, Water contamination claims, Assistance in developing comments on permits considered by WVDEP, Environmental/property damages claims, Nuisance and Trespass claims More
David McMahon – Attorney at Law
Author of West Virginia Surface Owners Guide to Oil and Gas
Lease review, addendum writing. Lease negotiation. Preparation of comments on drilling etc. permits, but not surface damages or injunction cases. Consultation with other lawyers. Administrative proceedings before D.E.P. in Charleston. WV More
John Barrett, Bailey Glasser, LLP
Pipeline Negotiations, Right of Way Agreement, Litigation, Eminent Domain, Gas/Pipeline Explosions or Other Injuries. WV More
Jeremy B. Cooper
Blackwater Law PLLC More
J. Kristofer Cormany, Cormany Law, PLLC
Property damage, Personal injury, Loss of water. WV More
Eric Gordon
General Advice, Property damage and loss of water, Coal bed methane claims. WV and PA More
William J. Leon, William J. Leon, L.C.
Mineral lease review and negotiation. Termination or modification of existing flat rate royalty leases. Mineral rights ownership disputes. Royalty payment disputes. Compelling additional exploration and production under existing mineral leases. Surface damage. Subsidence issues. Damage to water wells and springs. West Virginia (statewide) and southwestern Pennsylvania. More
Joe Lovett and Isak Howell
Litigation and negotiation. Claims for challenging a horizontal well on a surface owner’s land, environmental/property damage claims, cuttings pit claims, water contamination claims. Negotiation/litigation of pipeline rights of way, contract drafting/review, survey issues, and eminent domain litigation. WV More
Bradley H. Thompson, Attorney-at-Law Cassidy, Myers, Cogan & Voegelin, LLC
Will give free consult to mineral owner receiving royalties on how to read their royalty check/documents and whether they are getting proper payments. WV More
Jonathan E. Turak, Christian E. Turak Gold, Khourey & Turak, L.C.
Lease Negotiations, Pipeline Right of Way Negotiations, Mineral Sales, Surface Use/Well Pad Site Negotiations, Surface Damages and Nuisance Claims, Mineral and Surface Trespass Claims, “Held by Production” Claims, General Oil and Gas Law, Personal Injury. WV and OH More