Lawyers and Experts for Surface and Small Mineral Owners

Surface owners and small mineral owners often want a lawyer to give them general advice, to help them comment on an oil and gas well drilling permit application, to sue an oil and gas driller/company regarding surface damage or owner rights or for help with royalty problems or other conflicts with oil and gas companies.

We are providing this list because lawyers can be hard to find who have some knowledge of this field, but who do not already represent so many oil and gas companies that they are or feel conflicted from representing surface owners.

Lawyers on this list have advised us of the kind of cases they will take and the counties in which they will work.  We do not make any warranty that they are good lawyers, but we would not put them on if we heard they were bad lawyers.

You may have to pay money up front for a lawyer to give you advice or to sue somebody for you.  That is becuase these may not be the kind of cases in which the lawyer can count on getting paid by taking a percentage of the damages you win.

If you find a lawyer who is very helpful who is not on this list, please let WV SORO know.  If you are reading this and you are a lawyer and want on the list, or want your information changed, please contact WV SORO.