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Updates and Alerts Julie Archer March 26, 2017
Forced Pooling, Land Reunion Bills Advancing
WV-SORO continues to oppose the latest version of the forced pooling legislation (SB 576), although we appreciate efforts to improve it. Our concerns are outlined here. We're glad to report our 'land reunion' bill (SB 369) is moving and we're hopeful it will be passed by the Senate later this week. More
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Enacting Local City or County Ordinances - Advice WVSORO August 14, 2016
Enacting local city or county ordinances
Enactment of city or county ordinances or land use regulations is very tricky legally in order to make them stick. And each situation is different. More
Issues: Land use
WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO April 28, 2016
They are drilling or going to drill a well on my land. I want to have it re-seeded with vegetation I want, not the fescue etc. that is in the State’s soil erosion and sediment control manual. What can I do?
If you want re-vegetation with seeds other than that at page 32 of the State's Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Field Manual, then work on your driller before,during or after the comment period to use seed mixtures you get from your local soil conservation district More
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Misc Gallery WVSORO November 1, 2010
WV SORO local meetings
Photos from a few local surface owner meetings held in 2008 through 2010 More
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WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO August 23, 2009
There is a large, Olympic swimming pool sized, pond being built on/next to my land to drill a gas well. Is there any danger from that?
While we have not heard of any of these ponds breaching, there have been a large number of slips in the impoundment walls where the impoundments have been built up on hills or mountains out of the valley. More
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