New webpage by ProPublica and Gazette-Mail showing well pads and other information

What are oil and gas wells’ “API” numbers? How to find them and use them to get info on wells.

Basic Gas Drilling and Producing and Use

Maps and aerial photographs.  Find what oil and gas wells are in your area, or another area you care about.

The best site for finding information on individual gas wells.

Information on well production and location, permits etc.

Newest, searchable DEP page showing approximate location of permitted horizontal wells on topo maps and aerial photos

W. Va. Geologic and Economic Survey site with plats and completion reports for wells on line

Natural Gas Prices and Natural Gas Price Charts

Info on Marcellus Shale


Basic information on the equipment on well sites is available by drilling down on this web site

Manual for Managing Oil and Gas Well Sites for Wildlife that a surface owner might ask driller to do.

Native vegetation alternative study for logging roads.

Dangers of oil and gas drilling from the Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Analysis of Chemicals Used in Natural Gas Production in Washington

Information for lawyers

Oil and Gas Accountability Project – Western US mostly, lots of research and additional links from this web site

Landowner’s Guide ,OGAP, downloadable , but see the West Virginia Surface Owner’s Guide to Oil and Gas for West Virginia specific information

West Virginia Geologic and Economic Survey information -Geology and O&G data

Maps by WV County that show County Roads, Streams and Place Names – downloadable

Link to West Virginia property tax maps showing computer generated approximations of SURFACE property boundaries

Many real property tax records about owners etc. are available on line

WVDEP GIS server  a broad resource useful for many subjects

WVDEP Topo Maps – downloadable
(You might need the TIFF viewer below)

Source for WV Topo Maps – downloadable
(You might need the TIFF viewer below)

Downloadable TIFF Viewer for Topo Map viewing if you need it

Latest (2003) Aerial Photos of WV, true color – downloadable
(You might need the MrSID viewer below)

WVDEP (1996 infrared) Aerial Photos – downloadable
(You might need the MrSID viewer below)

Downloadable MrSID Viewer & Manual for Mr SID (aerial photo) files.
(Lets you work with MrSID files.  Many are available on other web sites.
Used mostly for working with large area geographic information.)

WV State Code

WV State Rules

How to find WV Well Production Data

NORM – Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material that comes up with
oil and gas sometimes. May not occur much in W.Va., but may be in
Marcellus Shale.

Index of Early Petroleum History Sites

Oil and Gas Museum

Home natural gas compressors for cars (but maybe not using well/free gas).

Balancing Energy Needs and Safety

Oil & Gas Mineral Services – Website featuring information of importance to oil and gas mineral owners

Other websites on the Marcellus Shale