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West Virginia’s 2018 mineral cotenancy statute is takes effect
Press Release WVSORO June 24, 2018
The Co-tenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act which passed the 2018 West Virginia Legislature took effect June 3, 2018.  It made big changes in oil and gas leasing and surface owners’ rights. Most importantly, if the driller is using the 2018 co-tenancy statute to drill a well, then the well pad and roads, etc. needed to drill that well cannot be placed on a surface owner’s land without the surface owner's consent! Additionally, the Act will definitely affect negotiations of leases from all mineral owners. WV-SORO has added two new pages to our website to help surface and mineral owners better understand the new law and what to do if they are affected. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLeasingMinerals-RoyaltiesPooling
Advice for mineral owners approached about selling their rights
Press Release WVSORO April 5, 2018
Mineral owners contact us on a regular basis with questions because they have been approached by a company or individual that is offering to buy their mineral rights. Often the first question someone asks us is, ‘How much should I sell for?’  We think that is the wrong first question. The first question you should ask is, ‘Should I sell at all?’  And the answer is almost always, ‘No!’ Although there are some exceptions/situations where you may want to sell, generally it is a bad idea. It's better to retain your rights, than let others reap the long-term profits. More
Issues: LeasingMinerals-Royalties
Court Approves Drilling Waste Settlement with EPA
Press Release Julie Archer December 29, 2016
The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia formally approved a consent decree between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a coalition of community and environmental organizations. which requires the agency to review and, if necessary, revise its rules for the disposal and handling of dangerous and harmful oil and gas wastes, such as those that result from drilling and fracking. More
Issues: Drilling wasteEPAFrackingPollution
WV Citizens Join National Groups Filing Notice of Intent to Sue EPA Over Dangerous Drilling and Fracking Waste
Press Release WVSORO August 26, 2015
A coalition of environmental organizations filed a legal notice with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today demanding regulations to stop oil and gas companies from dumping drilling and fracking waste in ways that threaten public health and the environment. More
Issues: Drilling wasteEPAOil and Gas
Court to Weigh Appeal, Hearing Rights of Landowners Faced with Drilling
Press Release WVSORO September 24, 2012
On September 25th, the West Virginia Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that will decide whether a surface landowner has a right to an administrative hearing on, and an appeal of, the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) decision to issue a permit to drill a gas well on the surface owner’s land. More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Surface Owners, Environmental Council Urge Special Session on Marcellus Drilling
Press Release WVSORO March 13, 2011
The lack of action taken by the House and the Senate to pass an effective and responsible bill to help regulate Marcellus Shale drilling, has the WV Surface Owners’ Rights Organization (WV-SORO), the WV Environmental Council and others urging Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin to call a special session to address environmental and other concerns related Marcellus Shale development. More
Issues: LegislationMarcellus shale
West Virginia Residents and Group Against Smog & Pollution Appeal Chesapeake Energy Marcellus Shale Permits
Press Release WVSORO October 14, 2010
On Tuesday West Virginia residents filed an appeal before the West Virginia Air Quality Board challenging two air permits recently issued to Chesapeake Energy for a large—and growing—Marcellus Shale operation in West Virginia’s northern panhandle. More
Issues: Marcellus shalePollution
Landman Report Card Website Launched
Press Release WVSORO January 25, 2010
A Resource to Support Citizens Negotiating with Big Energy More
Issues: LeasingMinerals-Royalties
Filing deadline for claims in Dominion royalty case extended
Press Release WVSORO August 13, 2009
Mineral owners have more time to request payment from settlement More
Issues: LeasingOil and Gas
Groups applaud additions to oil & gas rules, but urge additional changes
Press Release WVSORO July 15, 2009
A coalition of statewide organizations concerned about oil and gas issues is applauding amendments and additions to the rules that regulate drilling in West Virginia, but says additional changes are needed to more fully protect public health and the environment. More
Issues: DEPOil and Gas
Groups applaud additions to oil & gas rules, but urge additional changes
Press Release WVSORO July 15, 2009
Coalition says stronger rules need to protect public health and the environment More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Northern Wayne County Community Association to Host Meeting on Oil & Gas Drilling and Surface Owners’ Rights
Press Release WVSORO October 14, 2008
The Northern Wayne County Community Association will be hosting a meeting on surface owners' rights and legislative options for expanding surface owner protections in West Virginia on Tuesday, October 28 More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Educational Meeting on Oil & Gas Leasing Set for October 30 in Doddridge County
Press Release WVSORO October 14, 2008
Local organizers for the WV Surface Owners’ Rights Organization (WV SORO) have planned an educational meeting on oil & gas leasing at the Doddridge County Park for Thursday, October 30, 2008 starting at 6:30 PM. More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Landowners’ group appeals state agency ruling on spacing for gas wells
Press Release WVSORO July 25, 2008
Spacing needed to protect interests of investors, mineral and surface owners More
Issues: Well Spacing
Oil & Gas Boom Leads to Leasing Educational Campaign
Press Release WVSORO May 20, 2008
The West Virginia Surface Owners Rights’ Organization (WV SORO) has announced a new campaign to educate landowners about leasing the minerals under their land. The group’s main focus is on providing information to people who own the surface, but either do not own the minerals or have bad leases with few surface owner protections included. More
Issues: LeasingOil and Gas
Consumer Advisory: Attorney General Corbett urges consumers to carefully review offers to buy or lease oil & gas rights on their properties
Press Release WVSORO April 11, 2008
Attorney General Tom Corbett today urged consumers to carefully consider and thoroughly review any offers to purchase or lease the oil or gas rights for their properties. More
Issues: Leasing
Landowners’ group to hold press conference at State Capitol
Press Release WVSORO February 5, 2008
Focus is on protecting landowners from abuses by oil & gas drillers More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Landowners’ group to meet in Weston
Press Release WVSORO November 27, 2007
Focus is on protecting landowners from abuses by oil & gas drillers More
Issues: Oil and Gas
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