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WV-SORO seeks hearing to convince DEP not to transfer plugging duty for 17,000 oil and gas wells
Press Release WVSORO November 20, 2018
WV-SORO is publicly urging the DEP to grant our hearing request so we can give the DEP evidence that the transfer of wells by EQT and others to Diversified is a constructive fraud on the surface owners and mineral owners of West Virginia, and that the transfers should not be approved.  Approval of these transfers will pave the way for one of the most, if not the most, widespread environmental and property rights disasters ever in West Virginia, and it is preventable by not approving the transfers and leaving the cost of plugging with the companies that can afford to do so. More
Issues: Abandoned wellsOrphaned wellsPollutionReclamation fundWater
WV-SORO 2019 Legislative Priorities
Blog WVSORO November 14, 2018
Legislation to have the property rights of surface owners recognized, to increase their chances of owning some of the minerals under them, and to deal with orphaned wells and other environmental problems, continue to be WV-SORO's legislative priorities for 2019.  We will also be active opposing legislation the industry introduces (out of its sense of entitlement) which will harm the interests of surface owners (including some fortunate few of whom are also small mineral interest owners). More
Issues: Abandoned wellsEminent domainFence-line monitoringHorizontal wellsLand re-unionOrphaned wellsPipelines
We’re Hiring; NARO Town Halls
Updates and Alerts WVSORO November 1, 2018
WV-SORO is hiring a part-time Outreach Coordinator to engage with and provide support to our membership and others dealing with oil and gas development on their land and in their communities. Details here. Also the National Association of Royalty Owners is hosting a series of town hall meeting for WV mineral owners, including a Q&A with experts on legal and policy issues affecting royalty owners in WV. More
Issues: FrackingLegislationMinerals-RoyaltiesOil and Gas
WV-SORO Outreach Coordinator Position Description
Document WVSORO November 1, 2018
The WV Surface Owners’ Rights Organization (WV-SORO) seeks a part-time Outreach Coordinator (40-80 hours/month) to plan, manage, and execute the organization’s membership maintenance and support, communications, and outreach, including management of the membership database and website; composing and sending email updates and action alerts; press outreach; creation of a newsletter; and event planning and coordinating. See full job description and qualifications here.  More
Is There a Orphan Well on Your Land? Tell Us About It!
Updates and Alerts WVSORO October 9, 2018
WV-SORO is involved in several approaches to getting the industry to plug the 12,000 wells on surface owners’ land that have stopped producing. We would like some examples of those wells on your land to use in our approaches. If you have an “orphaned” well on your land that has been out of production for many years, we would like to hear from you. More
Issues: Abandoned wellsOrphaned wellsWater
What are oil and gas wells’ “API” numbers? How to find them and use them to get info on wells.
Advice WVSORO October 2, 2018
To find information about a particular oil or gas well (or to talk to agencies or others about it) it is best if you have the well’s API number. The API number (short for American Petroleum Institute number). It is like a well’s social security number. More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Map of some pipelines
Pipeline Advice WVSORO September 25, 2018
The U.S. Department of Transportation which regulates pipeline safety has a web site with a map of where many interstate and some other pipelines are located. It does not include gathering lines owned by well drillers, or residential/commercial service distribution lines. More
Issues: Pipelines
Don’t Sell Your Surface Land in Horizontal/Shale Drilling Country!
Aquiring Mineral Rights Under Your LandSelling Land / Surface Owners Advice WVSORO August 2, 2018
Under the new 2018 Cotenancy statute, and even under an older statute that oil and gas well drillers sometimes use, surface owners could end up owning an interest in the oil and gas minerals under their surface tract! More
Issues: Minerals-Royalties
A well pad is going to be put near my house, and the driller is willing to buy me out. How much should I get?
Pads and Other Disturbance Advice WVSORO August 1, 2018
This page assumes you are the owner of the surface tract NEXT DOOR to the surface tract where the well pad is being placed. This page only applies to you if you are NOT the owner of the surface tract where the well pad is located (or significant disturbance actually occurs). More
Issues: Well pads
A driller is putting a well pad near my house/land. What can I do about it?
Pads and Other Disturbance Advice WVSORO August 1, 2018
When the driller files for a permit from the State Department of Environmental Protection, you can comment on certain aspects of it. Watch the paper for notices. Or call the DEP and ask if a permit application has been received yet. More
Issues: NoiseWell pads
West Virginia’s 2018 mineral cotenancy statute is takes effect
Press Release WVSORO June 24, 2018
The Co-tenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act which passed the 2018 West Virginia Legislature took effect June 3, 2018.  It made big changes in oil and gas leasing and surface owners’ rights. Most importantly, if the driller is using the 2018 co-tenancy statute to drill a well, then the well pad and roads, etc. needed to drill that well cannot be placed on a surface owner’s land without the surface owner's consent! Additionally, the Act will definitely affect negotiations of leases from all mineral owners. WV-SORO has added two new pages to our website to help surface and mineral owners better understand the new law and what to do if they are affected. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLeasingMinerals-RoyaltiesPooling
Co-Tenancy Law Now in Effect; WVU Research Project Seeks to Interview Landowners
Updates and Alerts WVSORO June 8, 2018
Earlier this week, the “Co-Tenancy Moderation and Majority Protection Act” enacted during the 2018 legislative session, went into effect. WV-SORO has added two new pages to our website to help surface and mineral owners better understand the new law and what to do if they are affected. We've also provided a brief update on some court cases we've benn involved in or monitoring that affect West Virginia surface owners and some mineral owners. Finally, we wanted to let you know about a WVU research project seeking to interview landowners to better understand their experiences with natural gas extraction near their homes and in their communities. More
Issues: FrackingHorizontal wellsLand useMinerals-RoyaltiesNuisance suitsPooling
The 2018 Cotenancy Law (HB 4268) Does Good Things for Surface Owners
AdviceWV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO June 6, 2018
The 2018 cotenancy statute has significant benefits for surface owner. Most importantly, if the driller is using the 2018 cotenancy statute to drill a well, then the well pad and roads, etc. needed to drill that well cannot be placed on a surface owner’s land without the surface owner's consent! If you are a surface owner read this post to learn more about how the new cotenancy law affects you. More
Issues: Fence-line monitoringHorizontal wellsLand re-unionLand useOrphaned wellsPipelines
What the 2018 Cotenancy Law (HB 4268) Means for WV Mineral Owners/Leasing
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO June 6, 2018
This web page explains the expected change in leasing dynamics that will occur after the 2018 cotenancy statute takes effect and the provisions  of the statute. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLeasingMinerals-RoyaltiesPooling
Memo on Legislative Intent to Require Surface Owner Consent
Document WVSORO May 10, 2018
Memo showing that Legislature intended to require surface owner consent if the 2018 co-tenancy statute is used to drill into/develop not only the mineral tract directly under the surface tract, but to drill longer horizontal well bores into/to develop any other neighboring mineral tract.  More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLand useLegislation
2018 Co-tenancy Statute Showing Changes from Current Law
Document WVSORO May 9, 2018
The "enrolled" version of HB 4268 is the final version of the bill with the text that will be placed in code books but it does not show the changes to the law made by the 2018 co-tenancy statute. This version underscores new code language, strikes through deleted language, and includes a table of contents. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLegislationOrphaned wellsPooling
WV SORO Presentation to the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission on Co-Tenancy Rule-making
Blog WVSORO May 9, 2018
The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission asked stakeholders to make presentations on what emergency or legislative rule-making was needed related to the 2018 co-tenancy bill passed by the WV Legislature. WV SORO made a presentation not only on what emergency and legislative rule-making was required to carry out the surface owner and small mineral interest owner protections in the bill, but emphasizing that the Commission had broader duties and powers to “carry out, administer, and enforce . . . and make . . . investigation” regarding the new statute. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsPooling
Press Release: Advice for mineral owners about selling their rights
Document WVSORO April 5, 2018
WV-SORO advice to mineral owners approached about selling their rights Mineral owners should retain their rights, rather than letting others reap profits More
Advice for mineral owners approached about selling their rights
Press Release WVSORO April 5, 2018
Mineral owners contact us on a regular basis with questions because they have been approached by a company or individual that is offering to buy their mineral rights. Often the first question someone asks us is, ‘How much should I sell for?’  We think that is the wrong first question. The first question you should ask is, ‘Should I sell at all?’  And the answer is almost always, ‘No!’ Although there are some exceptions/situations where you may want to sell, generally it is a bad idea. It's better to retain your rights, than let others reap the long-term profits. More
Issues: LeasingMinerals-Royalties
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