Take Action to Protect Citizen Air Monitoring

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Take Action to Protect Citizen Air Monitoring
Feb 12, 2024 View this Alert Online


The House of Delegates has passed a bill (HB 5018) that would invalidate data collected by citizen air monitors. The bill is now pending in the Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee

Please take action and tell your Senators to reject HB 5018. 

HB 5018 could prevent you from being able to use in court data you collect (like with a methane detector) from stationary sources of pollution (like a gas well etc.) on or next to or near your land. If courts are not supposed to legislate, then legislatures should not rule on evidence.

HB 5018 unfairly allows industry data to be used by the DEP for regulatory purposes, but prohibits the use citizen air monitoring for bringing enforcement actions against polluters.

Citizen air monitoring plays a crucial role in engaging citizens and supplementing data gathered by government agencies including the EPA and the DEP. HB 5018 should be rejected because the government should not waste resources on governing community monitoring programs that provide a peace of mind to local citizens, and that fill existing gaps in state and federal monitoring.

Find you legislators is by clicking here and entering your address.

Tell them to reject HB 5018 and preserve the crucial role citizen monitoring plays in safeguarding our communities and the environment.

You can also use this quick action link courtesy of our friends at WV Citizen Action to send a message to your Senators. 

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