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What the 2018 Cotenancy Law (HB 4268) Means for WV Mineral Owners/Leasing
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO June 6, 2018
This web page explains the expected change in leasing dynamics that will occur after the 2018 cotenancy statute takes effect and the provisions  of the statute. More
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Drillers can NOT pool a mineral owner’s lease without authorization!
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO November 8, 2016
If a Driller or Landman Tells You They Can Pool Your Mineral Land Without a Pooling Provision in a Lease or an Amendment, Don't Believe Them! More
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Eleven reasons why a judge was wrong to imply a lease covenant to pool
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO November 8, 2016
Here Are the Eleven Reasons That The Tyler County Circuit Court Judge's Ruling Is Wrong, And Why No Other Circuit Court Judge nor the Supreme Court Should Agree With the Ruling. More
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Top 6 Pieces of Advice Before Signing a Gas Lease
Leasing / Amendment Advice don_alejandro August 11, 2015
Do not be be rushed to sign a lease in a few days. Your grandchildren – no, your great-grandchildren, can be bound by what you sign. More
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Minerals/Royalty Owner Info
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO May 23, 2008
Someone came and wants me to sign a lease to the oil and gas and other minerals under my land. What should I do?

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If I Don’t Sign a Lease (Or Sign a Pooling Amendment to an Existing Lease) Can They Drill Next to Me and Take My Gas Without Paying Me for It?
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO October 31, 2014
This issue is most likely to come up when a company's landman approaches you as a mineral tract owner to either sign a lease that includes a pooling clause, or to sign an amendment to an old existing lease that would allow for pooling. More
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A gas company wants me to sign an amendment to an old lease! I own the surface and the minerals. Should I sign it?
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO September 1, 2011
This article is only for people who own both the surface and all or part of the minerals of a tract of property. More
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I am considering signing a lease or doing other business with a driller or landman for a company. Can I find out if that “operator” has a history of “violations” of state laws or rules?
Leasing / Amendment AdviceWV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO August 10, 2009
You can find out information about “violations” on the West Virginia DEP, Office of Oil and Gas web site. But be aware that much enforcement is done informally without the state writing up official “violations” that will show up on this data base. More
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