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Map of some pipelines
Pipeline Advice WVSORO September 25, 2018
The U.S. Department of Transportation which regulates pipeline safety has a web site with a map of where many interstate and some other pipelines are located. It does not include gathering lines owned by well drillers, or residential/commercial service distribution lines. More
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What Land/Surface Owners Should Know When a Landman Shows Up And Wants an Easement/Right of Way To Put a Pipeline Across Your Land
Pipeline Advice WVSORO May 31, 2016
By 2013 we found out that Marcellus Shale pipelines are worth way MORE than that. If you are only being offered $1 per inch per foot, you are getting underpaid. More
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Panel discussion on pipelines.
Pipeline Advice WVSORO December 15, 2023
In 2014 WVSORO had a membership meeting that included a panel discussion on pipelines.  The two videos below will let you view that. More
Eminent Domain: Can a Gas Company Put a Pipeline Across My Land If I Do Not Agree?
Pipeline Advice WVSORO October 19, 2014
Eminent Domain update: West Virginia Supreme Court upholds Monroe County Judge saying Mountain Valley transmission pipeline is not for "public purpose" to West Virginians and so cannot use eminent domain (and cannot force access for surveying). (Nov, 2016) More
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Eminent Domain Update
Pipeline Advice WVSORO December 16, 2016
In November 2016, The West Virginia Supreme Court has upheld the Monroe County Circuit Court judge saying Mountain Valley transmission pipeline conveying gas only out of State is not for a "public purpose" to West Virginians and so cannot use eminent domain (and cannot force access for surveying) More
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The Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
Pipeline Advice WVSORO June 24, 2012
The Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation regulates safety for all pipelines but gathering lines (but delegates some of its duties to state agencies). For information on PHMSA’s activities click on their “states” page and go to “West Virginia”. Be aware that incidents are reported only if the pipeline operator considers them reportable. More
Info on Gathering Pipelines
Pipeline Advice WVSORO March 31, 2011
"Gathering" pipelines start at the wellhead and join with other gathering pipelines to become bigger gathering pipeline that go to treatment facilities and eventually end up connecting to "transmission" lines that take the gas to market. The drillers do not have the right to "condemn" or use "eminent domain" for gathering lines. More
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There are gathering pipelines around me leaking gas. What can I do?
Gas Leaks AdvicePipeline Advice WVSORO May 15, 2011
It is illegal for a gas well owner to let gas leak from their wells or from their “gathering” lines that transport the gas from their wells to market. It is a violation of West Virginia Code §22-6-31. More
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Knowing and Protecting Your Rights When an Interstate Gas Pipeline Comes to Your Community 
Pipeline Advice WVSORO May 17, 2010
A Legal and Practical Guide for States, Local Government Units, Non-Governmental Organizations and Landowners On How the FERC Pipeline Certification Process Works and How You Can Participate More
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Coalition opposing Dominion pipeline across West Virginia
Pipeline Advice WVSORO May 24, 2011
The Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance (ABRA) is a coalition of organizations concerned about the natural gas pipeline that Dominion Resources and its partner companies have proposed to build through portions of West Virginia and Virginia. More
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