What a depleted oil or gas well should look like after it is plugged

Well cross-section before plugging

Plugged well cross-section drawing

To see a cross section of a producing well, and how a well is drilled, cased and cemented in the first place, go to “How a Gas Well is Drilled Down into the Ground, and What Can go Wrong

Monuments the driller is supposed to leave after the well is plugged

If there is more there than this pipe, the well is not plugged, it is just “shut in” or maybe even still producing.


Nov 30 2023  Newsletter
Surface Owners’ News – 2023 Annual Print Edition
Apr 22 2023  Leasing / Amendment Advice
A judge rules surface owners with unplugged, inactive wells on them can sue the driller to make them plug the well or sue for money to plug the well
Feb 20 2023  Blog
WVSORO comments on newest proposed EPA methane rule.
Feb 7 2023  Updates and Alerts
Surface Owners say DEP needs at least 45, not just 23, oil and gas inspectors.
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