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Advice WVSORO October 2, 2018
What are oil and gas wells’ “API” numbers? How to find them and use them to get info on wells.
To find information about a particular oil or gas well (or to talk to agencies or others about it) it is best if you have the well’s API number. The API number (short for American Petroleum Institute number). It is like a well’s social security number. More
Issues: Oil and Gas
BlogNews WVSORO July 8, 2016
Dave McMahon: West Virgina must get it right with gas
I write in response to “Conservation makes for good business,” an op-ed column by a top official of Antero, a natural gas company, published May 28. More
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WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO April 28, 2016
They are drilling or going to drill a well on my land. I want to have it re-seeded with vegetation I want, not the fescue etc. that is in the State’s soil erosion and sediment control manual. What can I do?
If you want re-vegetation with seeds other than that at page 32 of the State's Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Field Manual, then work on your driller before,during or after the comment period to use seed mixtures you get from your local soil conservation district More
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WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO March 15, 2016
If you own the coal you might be able to block or at least move a well site
This strategy will probably be used mostly by people who own the surface and the minerals, but whose land is subject to an old (or new) oil and gas lease signed by the current surface owners or their predecessors, and that lease allows the drilling of gas wells on the property. More
Issues: LeasingOil and Gas
Updates and Alerts WVSORO February 15, 2016
SB 508 Eliminates Laws That Ensure You Can Feel Safe and Enjoy Your Home
Last week we told you about SB 508, a bill that would take away citizens' ability to bring "nuisance" suits against against oil and gas drillers or others who engage in activities that harm their property values or interfere with the enjoyment and use of their property. More
Issues: LegislationNuisance suitsOil and Gas
Selling Land / Mineral Rights Advice WVSORO November 27, 2015
Someone contacted me and wants to buy my interest in mineral/oil or gas property. Should I sell?
As a general rule it is not a good idea in the long run to sell interests in oil and gas or other mineral properties. Many people who do not have much interest in or knowledge of oil and gas drilling and leasing sometimes end up owning an interest in a tract of oil and gas -- often through inheritance. More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Updates and Alerts WVSORO November 3, 2015
Events of interest to WV-SORO members
Public Meeting on Air Quality Permit for Proposed Water Treatment Facility in Doddridge Co.; Free Screening of Josh Fox Short Film "Gaswork" in Buckhannon on Thursday, Citizen Hearings on Fracking Air Pollution & New EPA Rules, Nov. 7 & Nov. 9. More
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Document WVSORO August 26, 2015
Notice of Intent to Sue
Notice of Intent to Sue for Violation of Nondiscretionary Duties under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act with respect to Wastes Associated with the Exploration, Development, or Production of Oil and Gas More
Issues: Drilling wasteOil and Gas
Press Release WVSORO August 26, 2015
WV Citizens Join National Groups Filing Notice of Intent to Sue EPA Over Dangerous Drilling and Fracking Waste
A coalition of environmental organizations filed a legal notice with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today demanding regulations to stop oil and gas companies from dumping drilling and fracking waste in ways that threaten public health and the environment. More
Issues: Drilling wasteEPAOil and Gas
Leasing / Amendment Advice don_alejandro August 11, 2015
Top 6 Pieces of Advice Before Signing a Gas Lease
Do not be be rushed to sign a lease in a few days. Your grandchildren – no, your great-grandchildren, can be bound by what you sign. More
Issues: LeasingOil and Gas
Document WVSORO July 25, 2015
An operator just uses a form to apply for a Coal Bed Methane well to be covered by the general permit
If the water meets the parameters, the general permit is extended to that particular well. More
Issues: Coal bed methaneOil and Gas
Coal Bed Methane Advice WVSORO July 25, 2015
About “Coal Bed Methane”
Coal Bed Methane is a methane gas that is “adsorbed” into coal by the pressure of water in coal seams deeper than 100 feet or so. More
Issues: Coal bed methaneOil and Gas
Updates and Alerts WVSORO July 6, 2015
Summer 2015 Edition of Surface Owners’ News Available
WV-SORO members should be receiving the Summer 2015 edition of our newsletter, Surface Owners' News, in the mail soon. More
Issues: LegislationNuisance suitsOil and GasPooling
Blog WVSORO December 15, 2014
Upcoming Events and Webinars Presented by the Penn State Cooperative Extension
View upcoming Events and Webinars Presented by the Penn State Cooperative Extension. Archived presentations are available here More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Newsletter WVSORO May 20, 2014
WVSORO Surface Owners’ News – Spring 2014
The Horizontal Well Act passed in December 2011 required the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to conduct three studies regarding various impacts from horizontal well drilling. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsNoiseOil and GasPollution
Water Advice WVSORO October 1, 2013
Water Testing Before Drilling Starts: Why and How
It is becoming more and more evident that testing of a well or spring water source, especially a household/drinking water source, is an absolute necessity before a natural gas well is drilled in one’s area. More
Issues: Oil and GasPollutionWater
Floodplains AdviceWV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO June 3, 2013
If the driller’s proposed well pad is in a FEMA 100-year “flood hazard” zone, you may be able to block it or make them move it
In order for people in your county to be able to get flood insurance, or receive benefits from FEMA in the event of a flood (or maybe other) disaster, the county (or municipality if you happen to be in a town or city) has to have a “floodplain ordinance”. More
Issues: FloodplainsOil and Gas
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