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Document WVSORO December 8, 2016
Draft bill requiring money from forfeited bonds to fix the problem that lead to the forfeiture
If a drillers' bond is forfeited by the State, the money should be used first to fix the problem on landowner's land that caused the bond to be forfeited.More
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Document WVSORO December 7, 2016
Use the Funds from Oil and Gas Operator Bond Forfeitures First to Take Care of the Problem That Caused The Forfeiture
There is an "Oil and Gas Reclamation Fund" that in theory is supposed to be used to plug the thousands and thousands of oil and gas wells that have been orphaned over the last century by oil and gas drillers who go out of business without plugging them. In reality, from 2010 to 2014 there was only enough money in the fund to plug just 6 orphaned wells!More
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Document WVSORO February 16, 2016
House Bill 4550
BY DELEGATE IRELAND. [Introduced February 16, 2016; Referred to the Committee on Energy then Finance.]More
Issues: LegislationOrphaned wellsReclamation fund
Document WVSORO February 10, 2015
Orphaned Well “Oil and Gas Reclamation Fund” Activity
Orphaned1 Well "Oil and Gas Reclamation Fund (#3322)" ActivityMore
Issues: LegislationOrphaned wellsReclamation fund
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