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Pads and Other Disturbance Advice WVSORO August 1, 2018
A driller is putting a well pad near my house/land. What can I do about it?
When the driller files for a permit from the State Department of Environmental Protection, you can comment on certain aspects of it. Watch the paper for notices. Or call the DEP and ask if a permit application has been received yet. More
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Updates and Alerts WVSORO March 1, 2018
“Co-Tenancy” Advances to the Senate Floor Unchanged
Since we wrote to you last week, the “co-tenancy” bill (HB 4268), has passed two committees unchanged and is now on the Senate floor. In other news, the Senate unanimously passed SB 360, which would change the way royalties are calculated for flat-rate leases. Unfortunately, most of the bills that were a priority for WV-SORO this legislative session are dead because they were not taken up by their assigned committees and sent to the floor in time to meet yesterday’s deadline (often referred to as Crossover Day) for bills to be out of the house of origin. More
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Updates and Alerts WVSORO August 29, 2015
Comments Needed on Noise from Compressor Stations Sept. 1 & 14: August 7, 2015
The DEP Division of Air Quality (DAQ) is considering issuing a revised "general permit" for air quality at compressor stations (G35-C). There are downsides to general permits, which we detailed in our recent newsletter. More
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Noise Advice WVSORO October 11, 2014
Problems with fumes or noise from idling trucks.
Some surface owners have complained about the diesel exhaust fumes and noise caused by heavy trucks waiting in line at well sites and staging areas for frac jobs etc. More
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Newsletter WVSORO May 20, 2014
WVSORO Surface Owners’ News – Spring 2014
The Horizontal Well Act passed in December 2011 required the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to conduct three studies regarding various impacts from horizontal well drilling. More
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Seismic and Geophysical Advice WVSORO October 20, 2011
The experience of one landowner in Upshur County who signed a permit
Dawson did put the GPS for my animals in the helicopter navigation computers. However, at least twice they were headed my way, spotted me out doors, then changed course. They still come within a 100 feet horizontally of the animals but they will not fly directly over, unless no one is looking. More
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