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Document WVSORO February 10, 2017
Surface Owners’ News – Winter 2017
As we have in years past, our WV Surface Owners’ Rights Organization (WV SORO) will again be pushing for legislation to have the property rights of surface owners recognized and respected, to increase their chances of owning some of the minerals under them, and to deal with orphaned wells and other environmental problems.More
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Newsletter Julie Archer February 8, 2017
Surface Owners’ News – Winter 2017
We know it's been a while since you've heard from us. As the 2017 legislative session gets underway, we wanted to let you know what we've been up to and what we'll be focusing on for the next 60 days.More
Issues: Abandoned wellsDrillilng wasteLand re-unionLegislationNuisance suitsPollution
Press Release Julie Archer December 29, 2016
Court Approves Drilling Waste Settlement with EPA
The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia formally approved a consent decree between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a coalition of community and environmental organizations. which requires the agency to review and, if necessary, revise its rules for the disposal and handling of dangerous and harmful oil and gas wastes, such as those that result from drilling and fracking.More
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Updates and Alerts WVSORO March 12, 2016
Anti-Nuisance Suit Bill Dead; Solid Waste Bill Amended
Today is the last day of the 2016 legislative session and it is now safe to say that SB 508, the anti-nuisance suit bill, is officially dead. More
Issues: Drillilng wasteLegislationNuisance suits
Updates and Alerts WVSORO March 6, 2016
Fate of Anti-Nuisance Suit Bill Uncertain; Drilling Waste Bill Advances
Thanks to everyone who has responded to our calls for action -- your calls and emails to legislators can and do make a difference. As we head into the final week of the legislative session, we're relieved that several bills to benefit the oil and gas industry have died.More
Issues: Drillilng wasteLegislationNuisance suits
Updates and Alerts WVSORO January 30, 2016
Action Needed to Stop Lease Integration, Implement Study Recommendations
Happy New Year from WV-SORO! Although Winter Storm Jonas is now behind us, the WV Legislature is continuing its work in Charleston through March 13. Please keep reading to learn more about what we've been up to and issues that are coming up during the 2016 legislative session.More
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Document WVSORO August 26, 2015
Notice of Intent to Sue
Notice of Intent to Sue for Violation of Nondiscretionary Duties under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act with respect to Wastes Associated with the Exploration, Development, or Production of Oil and GasMore
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Press Release WVSORO August 26, 2015
WV Citizens Join National Groups Filing Notice of Intent to Sue EPA Over Dangerous Drilling and Fracking Waste
A coalition of environmental organizations filed a legal notice with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today demanding regulations to stop oil and gas companies from dumping drilling and fracking waste in ways that threaten public health and the environment.More
Issues: Drillilng wasteEPAOil and Gas
Blog WVSORO June 10, 2013
Analysis of frac’ waste water for Wheeling City Council shows problems.
In my opinion, the City of Wheeling is "on its own" to make a decision whether to site the GreenHunter facility as proposed. There is no regulatory authority at the state or federal level for sighting or permitting the handling and disposal of waste at the proposed facility. More
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WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO August 23, 2009
There is a large, Olympic swimming pool sized, pond being built on/next to my land to drill a gas well. Is there any danger from that?
While we have not heard of any of these ponds breaching, there have been a large number of slips in the impoundment walls where the impoundments have been built up on hills or mountains out of the valley. More
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Water AdviceWV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO July 22, 2009
They are spraying water out of a drilling pit on to the land (or they propose to do so in a drilling permit I received). Can they do that?
A driller is not allowed to just knock a wall out of the pit and let the water and other stuff in it run into a stream, either during or after drilling.More
Issues: Drillilng wasteOil and GasPollution
News WVSORO December 14, 2008
Gas Well Drilling Brine Challenges Water Treatment Plants
A growing volume of brine from natural gas drilling and production is posing a challenge for municipal wastewater treatment plants. The new waste stream can be a financial boon for plants that have spare capacity. But at high volumes it can harm plant function -- and water quality.More
Issues: Drillilng wasteOil and GasWater
Resource Gallery WVSORO October 25, 2007
How a Gas Well Is Drilled Down Into the Ground, and What Can Go Wrong
Emphasis will be on the measures the driller is required by the State to take to prevent pollution of groundwater or damage to other underground resourcesMore
Issues: Drillilng wasteOil and GasPollution
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