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Blog WVSORO December 11, 2016
WVSORO 2017 Legislative Proposals
WVSORO will again be pushing for legislation to have the property rights of surface owners recognized, to increase their chances of owning some of the minerals under them, and to deal with orphaned wells and other environmental problems, etc. More
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Document WVSORO December 3, 2016
Let’s give surface owners the option to purchase any interest in the minerals under their land that is sold at a tax sale!
Nearly everyone thinks that separation of ownership of the surface from ownership of the minerals was a bad idea. Surface owners get no royalty (or lease signing bonus if the minerals are not leased yet) yet have the burden of the well site being placed on them. They have no incentive to cooperate with the drilling of gas wells even though the burden of the well site and access road falls on them. More
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Document WVSORO November 23, 2016
What the opponents are saying – and the surface owners’ response
Below we will respond to the legitimate concerns raised by earlier versions of our bill, and the amendments we made to this year's bill in order to solve the problems and help other interested parties where it is possible. More
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Document WVSORO February 10, 2016
Senate Bill 577
BY SENATORS SYPOLT, ASHLEY, BLAIR, BOSO, KARNES AND STOLLINGS. [Introduced February 10, 2016; Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.] More
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News WVSORO February 7, 2012
Bill would increase opportunities to rejoin split estates
In 1995, a man bought the rights to a mineral tract under about 80 acres of surface in Marshall County. The previous owner had failed to pay property taxes, and the buyer got a good deal: $45. Richard Sherman, owner of the surface since 1988, was unaware the minerals under him had become available. More
Issues: Land re-unionLegislationTax sales
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