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WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO June 2, 2010
Information for Oil and Gas Well Access Roads
Drillers can drill wells using access roads that are wide enough for two tractor trailers to pass each other going in opposite directions, or they can drill wells using single lane roads with occasional wide spot pull-offs or landings for trucks to pass by each other. More
Issues: Roads
Bad Example Gallery WVSORO January 19, 2008
Bulldozer and Poor Road Construction and Maintenance
This is a drilling rig and other equipment being pulled to the next drill site by a bulldozer because the access road is in such bad shape that the drilling rig and truck cannot get there on their own. It is common practice for bulldozers to pull rigs and trucks in this fashion due to road conditions. More
Issues: Marcellus shaleRoads
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