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There are gathering pipelines around me leaking gas. What can I do?
Gas Leaks AdvicePipeline Advice WVSORO May 15, 2011
It is illegal for a gas well owner to let gas leak from their wells or from their “gathering” lines that transport the gas from their wells to market. It is a violation of West Virginia Code §22-6-31. More
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What about Hydrogen Sulfide or “sour gas”?
Gas Leaks Advice WVSORO August 28, 2009
Hydrogen Sulfide, also known as "H2S", or "sour gas", is sometimes included with the conventional natural gas that comes out of gas wells in West Virginia. More
Issues: Oil and GasPollution
Breathing air near compressors, wells etc.
Gas Leaks Advice WVSORO September 10, 2011
Have you been smelling odors from, or just been living near, production facilities such as gas wells and compressors? Have you been having medical problems, like bloody noses, headaches or trouble breathing? More
Issues: Oil and GasPollution