Breathing air near compressors, wells etc.

Have you been smelling odors from, or just been living near, production facilities such as gas wells and compressors?  Have you been having medical problems, like bloody noses, headaches or trouble breathing?

Many of these facilities release “volatile organic compounds” [“VOC’s” for short] into the air.

When you see your doctor explain your concerns and ask your doctor to order the following blood testing:  1) Volatile organic analysis of whole blood;  2)Complete blood count.

Your health insurance will probably pay for these, particularly if you are having symptoms.

Unlike other blood tests which will always show some level as being acceptable/normal (like your Cholesterol), a test for these compounds should come back “non-detect” unless you have had some actual exposure.  For that reason it is not absolutely necessary to get a base line study.  But if you know that a facility is coming near you, it would take away any excuse they night come up with if you had this checked before the facility arrived.  You should find out in advance if your insurance will cover this, and if they will not, find out how much they will cost before you decide.  We think it should only be a couple hundred dollars.

If any of these turn out positive, follow your doctor’s advice of course.  But please let us know too.

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