Surface Owner Stories

Siltation from Marcellus Shale well pad construction
Bad Example GallerySurface Owner Story WVSORO January 29, 2013
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Tags: Marcellus shaleSiltation
Battle for Wetzel County – Journey OnEarth documentary by Snag Films and Natural Resources Defense Council
BlogSurface Owner Story WVSORO November 17, 2011
In the mountains of rural West Virginia, it’s a modern day gold rush. Breakthroughs in technology are allowing gas companies to tap a resource hidden deep in the earth, but at what cost? More
Tags: Marcellus shale
Upshur County Marcellus Shale drilling site, before, during and after drilling
Bad Example GallerySurface Owner Story WVSORO September 23, 2009
Well site during active drilling to the Marcelllus Shale formation in Upshur County, West Virginia, in 2008. (An additional water storage pit is not in the photo.) Copyright WVSORO, June 2008. Permission to use may be obtained from WVSORO. More
Tags: Marcellus shale