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The industrialization of rural West Virginia caused by the Marcellus Shale gas play
Resource Gallery WVSORO December 12, 2010
A few years ago, Marcellus Shale gas was unrecoverable, and West Virginia was a relative backwater in the oil and gas industry. The new techniques of high-volume hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have made a sea change in all of that. More
Tags: Marcellus shaleRural industrialization
What is the “Marcellus Shale”?
Resource Gallery WVSORO February 5, 2009
Basic information form the West Virginia Geologic and Economic Survey. More
Tags: Marcellus shale
Well Spacing and Royalty Sharing. (a.k.a. “Spacing, Pooling and Unitization”). What is it?
Resource Gallery WVSORO December 18, 2007
What it is, and why it should apply, instead of the Rule of Capture, to the drilling of all oil and gas wells in W.Va. More
Tags: LeasingPooling
How a Gas Well Is Drilled Down Into the Ground, and What Can Go Wrong
Resource Gallery WVSORO October 25, 2007
Emphasis will be on the measures the driller is required by the State to take to prevent pollution of groundwater or damage to other underground resources More
Tags: Drilling wasteOil and GasPollution
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