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WVSORO Sample Answer to a Partition Suit
Partition Suit Advice Kayla Young August 19, 2020
Our co-founder lawyer has drafted a sample that can be used to fight a partition suit filed in Circuit Court that attempts to take a mineral owner's interest in their land from them. More
Issues: Partition suits
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young July 31, 2020
There is a good chance that West Virginia and other states can get money in the next federal stimulus bill to plug more orphaned wells. We need you to contact Senators Capito & Manchin! More
Issues: Abandoned wellsOil and GasOrphaned wells
Cotenancy/Forced Pooling By OGCC can be challenged
BlogLeasing / Amendment Advice Kayla Young June 25, 2020
WVSORO believes that two of the five members of the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission are not qualified to hold their positions. More
Issues: LeasingOil and Gas
Spring 2020 eNewsletter
NewsletterUpdates and Alerts Kayla Young April 3, 2020
Because of coronavirus we could not do a timely spring, hard copy newsletter. Here is an unusually long update/eNewsletter to take its place. More
Issues: Abandoned wellsLand useLegislationOil and GasPartition suits
Our Bills Passed – Help us encourage the Governor to sign them into law!
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young March 6, 2020
Please contact Governor Justice and ask him to sign into law three bills to help surface owners who have orphaned oil and gas wells on their property!  They are HB 4090, HB 4088, and SB 120.   More
Issues: Orphaned wells
Action Alert: Ask Senators to Vote YES for a Third Well Plugging Money Bill on Thursday!
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young March 3, 2020
Issues: Orphaned wellsReclamation fund
Alert: Protect Your Rights as Property Owners! NO to Intermediate Court
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young February 25, 2020
Creating an Intermediate Court delays justice for Property Owners. SB 275 would allow Industry to appeal your property rights case not once but TWICE. Appeals now take up to a year and adding another level of course can double that time. We support property owners getting justice. Contact House Judiciary members and urge them to REJECT SB275 Intermediate Court of Appeals!  More
ACTION ALERT: Save the Creation of the Oil and Gas Abandoned Well Plugging Fund!
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young February 21, 2020
One of our bills, HB4090, is stuck in committee! We need the bill placed on the Senate Finance agenda ASAP!  More
Issues: Abandoned wells
WV-SORO Legislative 2020 Update 1
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young February 7, 2020
We are 40% of the way through the legislative session, and bills for surface owners are moving right along! We are tracking several bills, moving through both chambers.  More
WVSORO’s Dave McMahon to appear on Public Broadcasting’s Legislature Today on Tuesday
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young January 21, 2020
Dave McMahon, founder of WV Soro will be on Legislature Today on Tuesday January 21st at 6 pm (watch options below) to talk about orphaned wells and funding for the Office of Oil and Gas within the Department of Environmental Protections. Also joining Dave is Angie Rosser of West Virginia Rivers Coalition.  More
Issues: DEPOrphaned wells
Have you been sued, or threatened to be sued, for partition of your minerals?
AdviceLeasing / Amendment Advice Kayla Young December 17, 2019
Drillers have to get all of the co-owners (usually heirs of family property, and technically "cotenants") to sign a lease or a pooling amendment to a lease, before they can drill.  What if the driller cannot get all the co-owners to sign but the driller still wants to drill? More
Issues: LeasingMinerals-RoyaltiesOil and Gas
Legislative Priorities 2020 E-Blast
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young December 5, 2019
We want to hear from you!! Now is your chance to get involved in the legislative priorities for the WV Surface Owners' Rights Organization for the upcoming 2020 session! We work for you and this year we've created an online survey to make it as easy as possible for your voice to be heard. The survey is very short and easy to fill out! More
Issues: Fence-line monitoringLand re-unionOrphaned wellsPollution
Governor’s Appointment to Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Blasted
Press ReleaseUpdates and Alerts Kayla Young October 29, 2019
A representatives of surface owners and mineral owners today blasted the Governor for appointing a long time leading oil and gas industry member, a person who is still a consultant and expert witness for the industry, to the seat designated for the public on the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  More
Orphaned Wells: The Widespread Problem and the Potential Solutions
Advice Kayla Young October 10, 2019
WVSORO believes that the most widespread property rights and pollution issue in West Virginia is orphaned oil and gas wells. There are 4,500 already on property owners across the State. We predict another 10,000 in 30 years. The Legislature needs to take action. More
Issues: Orphaned wells
If You Get an EQT Class Action Benefit Notice, Do Not Sign for the “Optional Pooling Benefits!”
AdviceUpdates and Alerts Kayla Young October 7, 2019
9500 people are getting a "Tawney [Non-]Compliant Flat Rate Claim Form and Benefit Notice" regarding the settlement of the royalty class action case of Kay Co., v. EQT Production Co. If you got that, WVSORO recommends that you DO NOT SIGN ON PAGE THREE for the optional pooling benefits provided in section "B" beginning on page 2 for leases in Wetzel, Doddridge, Harrison, Marion, Marshall, Monongalia, Ritchie, Taylor and Tyler Counties. More
The Provisions Needed by Surface Owners In Surface Use Agreements
Advice Kayla Young August 26, 2019
This page on our website has been updated to include the effect of a recent West Virginia Supreme Court case that in essence says that surface owners’ agreement is needed for the placement of well sites for horizontal wells on their land. In particular the updated page links to advice to surface owners who might agree to use of their land for the right price and with the right protections. More
Updates from WV-SORO!
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young August 15, 2019
We've got quite a few updates for you!  More
Issues: Horizontal wellsWell pads
WVSORO files comment on PSC investigation into gas supplies for residential field taps on transmission lines
NewsUpdates and Alerts Kayla Young August 5, 2019
Residences and businesses in cities receive natural gas from lines owned by distribution companies. Those distribution companies get their gas from transmission lines. The transmissions lines get their gas from gathering lines that are attached to the gas wells. Many rural residences and businesses in areas where gas wells are located also receive natural gas […] More
Help us with suggestions for, and experiences with, surface use agreements.
NewsUpdates and Alerts Kayla Young August 4, 2019
With the Crowder case finally decided in favor of surface owners by the West Virginia Supreme Court, surface owners can now (with rare exceptions) refuse to allow their surface to be used for a well pad for horizontal wells. Let us know what you'd like to see in a Surface Owners Agreement. More
WVSORO Legislation Presentation This Monday & Documentary Premiere on WV Surface Owners
Updates and Alerts Kayla Young July 17, 2019
WVSORO to present to Legislature on orphaned wells This Monday, Dave McMahon of WVSORO is going to present to a West Virginia Legislative interim committee on problems of and solutions for orphaned wells. The presentation will be Monday July 17, 2019 at 3 pm.  The public can tune in to watch and listen by going […] More
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