Information Regarding Connecting to “Free Gas”

Use black gas, not water, pipeline It costs 36¢ per foot cents for 1 inch, and 50¢ per foot for 1 and 1/4 inch.  My source recommended the larger 1 and 1/4.  If you have gas furnaces that can put a big sudden draw, you might want to end with some 12 inch line to form a sort of a reservoir.

Regulators are needed to get the gas pressure down from what comes out of the ground to a recommended 7 or 8 oz., though 5 or 6 oz. could work.  You need at least two regulators to step down to that pressure.  A medium pressure regulator is $145, and a low pressure regulator is $75.  You need at least those.  If the well has greater than 1000 psi at the well head, you need one more regulator that is very expensive.

A “drip” at low spots in the line is recommended to keep the line from freezing.  One of those is $160.  These drips may need regular servicing.  Insulation may be needed at the regulators.

Always, always, have a back up heat source that can heat your house on the coldest night of the year, because that is when it is most likely to freeze up!  And there will be times when the well is down for servicing etc.

Prices are from David Boggs at Dependable Supply in Spencer.
Appalachian Piping the Glenville also may carry these things.

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