Surface Owners’ News – 2022 Annual Print Edition

In this issue:

  • Some Orphaned Wells Are Starting to Get Plugged, But We Need Orphened Well Prevention Legislation
  • Plugging On You
  • One Oil & Gas Inspector for Every 8,000 Wells, Plus … 
  • EPA Should Use Inflation Reduction Act Money to Find Fugitive Methane
  • 2022 Forced Pooling/Unitization Bill Protects Surface Owners
  • Threatened with Forced Pooling/Unitization/Co-Tenancy?
  • 2023 Legislative Priorities
Nov 30 2023  Newsletter
Surface Owners’ News – 2023 Annual Print Edition
Feb 20 2023  Blog
WVSORO comments on newest proposed EPA methane rule.
Jan 17 2023  Abandoned Well Advice
WVSORO comments to EPA about how Inflation Reduction Act money should be used.
Jul 19 2022  Abandoned Well Advice Advice
If you find out there is a proposal to plug an oil or gas well on your land, what should you do?
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