2018 Co-tenancy Statute Showing Changes from Current Law

The “enrolled” version of HB 4268 is the final version of the bill with the text that will be placed in code books but it does not show the changes to the law made by the 2018 co-tenancy statute. After the bill passed the House, the Senate only amended the title, not the body of the substance of the bill itself. The version of the “engrossed committee substitute” below underscores new code language, strikes through deleted language, with a table of contents. It does not have the amended “title”. 

Jan 17 2023  Abandoned Well Advice
WVSORO comments to EPA about how Inflation Reduction Act money should be used.
Nov 19 2022  Newsletter
Surface Owners’ News – 2022 Annual Print Edition
Jun 14 2022  Updates and Alerts
Update on forced pooling/unitization; and plugging; and inspectors
Jun 7 2022  Leasing / Amendment Advice
Have  you been threatened with forced pooling/unitization?  Have your received papers giving you notice of a forced pooling/unitization hearing? 
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