FRIDAY MORNING People’s Public Hearing on deregulation of some oil and gas well tanks!

West Virginia
Surface Owners’ Rights Organization
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Oil and gas “brine” and oil tanks on surface owners need more regulation.  Right now there is only one Office of Oil and Gas inspector for every 5000 wells many of which have associated tanks.  There are no required State Office of Oil and Gas  inspections of the 70,000 wells in the State, and if there is a tank at a well it could have crawdad holes etc. negating secondary containment.  Some tanks near drinking water supplies now have required inspections/inspectors.   This bill will eliminate those.  You can just show up virtually to be counted, or you can sign up to have a minute or so to tell about problems with tanks on  your land.

From our friends at WV Rivers:

A dangerous bill that exempts oil and gas tanks from the Aboveground Storage Tank Act is making its way through the House of Delegates. A coalition of advocates, including WV Rivers, requested a public hearing to provide citizens the opportunity to make comments on the bill for the official record. House leadership has rejected our request.

It is essential that the public’s voice is heard! On Friday, February 26, at 8:00AM, a People’s Public Hearing, hosted by advocate organizations, will be held via Zoom. This hearing is non-partisan and open to the public. All legislators will be invited. You do not have to speak to attend the hearing. Register to speak by 8:00PM Thursday, 2/25.

During the People’s Public Hearing on HB 2598 participants will have 1-2 minutes to provide comments – this time is subject to change depending on speaker registration. Speaker order is first come, first served.

The People’s Public Hearing will be recorded and provided to the House as an official record of citizen comments. If you are unable to speak during the People’s Public Hearing, please provide written comments here.

Register for the People’s Public Hearing

Delegates need to hear from West Virginians that HB 2598 is bad for our state. This bill would exempt about 887 oil & gas storage tanks from the Aboveground Storage Tank Act. These tanks are in zones of critical concern – ZCCs – they are the tanks closest to our public drinking water intakes!

Contact your Delegates TODAY! Let them know that West Virginia deserves better – no exemptions for tanks near public drinking water intakes!

Contact Your Delegates


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