Surface Owners’ News – 2023 Annual Print Edition

In this issue:

  • Surface Owners Can Sue Drillers to Plug Non-Producing Wells
  • Advocacy on Federal Regulations including
    • the Third Payout of Federal Methane Reduction Funds,
    • EPA’s Methane Rule, and
    • Federal Leasing; 2023 Legislative Update
  • Kanawha State Forest Gas Well Tour with WV Legislators and Staff
  • Farmland Preservation Now An Option for Surface-Only Owners
  • Citizen Air Monitoring Project
  • 2024 Legislative Priorities
Feb 20 2023  Blog
WVSORO comments on newest proposed EPA methane rule.
Feb 7 2023  Updates and Alerts
Surface Owners say DEP needs at least 45, not just 23, oil and gas inspectors.
Feb 7 2023  Blog
WVSORO Points Out that Much More Funding Is Needed for Many More Inspectors
Jan 17 2023  Abandoned Well Advice
WVSORO comments to EPA about how Inflation Reduction Act money should be used.
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