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WVSORO 2017 Legislative Proposals
Blog WVSORO Dec 11 2016
WVSORO will again be pushing for legislation to have the property rights of surface owners recognized, to increase their chances of owning some of the minerals under them, and to deal with orphaned wells and other environmental problems, etc. More
Issues: Fence-line monitoringHorizontal wellsLand re-unionLegislationOrphaned wellsTax sales
Eminent Domain Update
Pipeline Advice WVSORO Dec 16 2016
In November 2016, The West Virginia Supreme Court has upheld the Monroe County Circuit Court judge saying Mountain Valley transmission pipeline conveying gas only out of State is not for a "public purpose" to West Virginians and so cannot use eminent domain (and cannot force access for surveying)More
Issues: Eminent domainPipelines
West Virginia Supreme Court cites WVSORO “amicus brief” regarding ownership of coalbed methane
Blog WVSORO Dec 16 2016
The West Virginia Supreme Court ruled in the Moss case in 2003 that leases and deeds that granted or reserved rights to “oil and gas” or “natural gas” did not automatically give or reserve rights to coalbed methaneMore
Issues: Coal bed methane
Dave McMahon: West Virgina must get it right with gas
BlogNews WVSORO Jul 8 2016
I write in response to “Conservation makes for good business,” an op-ed column by a top official of Antero, a natural gas company, published May 28.More
Issues: DEPHorizontal wellsMarcellus shaleOil and Gas
Upcoming Events and Webinars Presented by the Penn State Cooperative Extension
Blog WVSORO Dec 15 2014
View upcoming Events and Webinars Presented by the Penn State Cooperative Extension. Archived presentations are available hereMore
Issues: Oil and Gas

New Resources and Advice

Drillers can NOT pool a mineral owner’s lease without authorization!
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO Nov 8 2016
If a Driller or Landman Tells You They Can Pool Your Mineral Land Without a Pooling Provision in a Lease or an Amendment, Don't Believe Them!More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLeasingPooling
Eleven reasons why a judge was wrong to imply a lease covenant to pool
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO Nov 8 2016
Here Are the Eleven Reasons That The Tyler County Circuit Court Judge's Ruling Is Wrong, And Why No Other Circuit Court Judge nor the Supreme Court Should Agree With the Ruling. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLeasingPooling
Enacting local city or county ordinances
Enacting Local City or County Ordinances - Advice WVSORO Aug 14 2016
Enactment of city or county ordinances or land use regulations is very tricky legally in order to make them stick. And each situation is different.More
Issues: Land use
What Land/Surface Owners Should Know When a Landman Shows Up And Wants an Easement/Right of Way To Put a Pipeline Across Your Land
Pipeline Advice WVSORO May 31 2016
By 2013 we found out that Marcellus Shale pipelines are worth way MORE than that. If you are only being offered $1 per inch per foot, you are getting underpaid. More
Issues: Pipelines
What Has to Be in a Forced Pooling Bill for it to Be a GOOD Forced Pooling Bill
BlogDocument WVSORO Jan 12 2016
A forced horizontal unitization/pooling/integration bill is only a good idea if:More
Issues: LegislationPooling

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