WVSORO  and WVRC file comments against Diversified pilot project to take shortcuts plugging wells.

Diversified Gas & Oil wants to plug wells without first pulling out the metal casing that is not cemented into the well borehole.  WVSORO is concerned that this cannot be reliably done, and that the metal casing, when it eventually rusts away, will leave a pathway for gas to travel up to groundwater or the surface. 

Here is the notice of the request for variance, plus the Diversified power point given to the Secretary of the DEP, and finally the comments by WVSORO plus the comments by West Virginia Rivers Coalition.  To see the metal pipe casing that is cemented or just hung when the well is drilled and producing, go our webpage on how a well is drilled and what can go wrong.

Updated: March 18, 2021 — 7:52 am
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