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If you are a lawyer looking for research materials etc. and other help representing surface owners, we can provide you some assistance.  David McMahon is an attorney with long experience in some aspects of oil and gas law.  He is the author of the West Virginia Surface Owners Guide to Oil and Gas.  He is willing to talk with you about your case and make suggestions.  Also, using summer interns and contacts with other lawyers, he gas gathered materials that may be useful to lawyers.  Below are some examples.

  • Briefs of West Virginia Supreme Court Cases Relying Upon Contemplation of the Parties.  First Edition:  July 8, 2009.
  • Memorandum on the constitutional right to appeal the State’s granting of well work permits to drill wells etc.
  • Claims for Complaint for Damages to Surface by Gas Well Driller

These are not materials that WVSORO wants to make available to lawyers on the other side.  So in order to obtain them please contact Dave directly.

Here is an outline of legal theories that Mr. McMahon presented to a seminar for lawyers in June of 2011.

Finally, although the West Virginia Surface Owners’ Guide to Oil and Gas is written primarily for laymen, it is also useful to lawyers.  In particular the numbered endnotes in the text (not the footnotes indicated with asterisks) have citations to statutes and cases that will help lawyers.

If you are a lawyer and have materials and information that may help other lawyers for surface owners, please share them with  Dave so others can benefit!

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Surface Owners say DEP needs at least 45, not just 23, oil and gas inspectors.
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