Some of the plugging equipment.

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In this picture the time has come to plug the well and, as pictured here, some of the equipment that is needed to plug a well is brought to the site.  Facing the camera on the right is a truck pulling a flat bed trailer on which the tubing and casing will be placed and hauled away once it is cut off at the bottom and pulled up out of the well.  On the left facing the camera is a tank truck probably carrying water necessary to mix with the clay that is talked about later.  On the right behind the truck facing away from the camera is the “service rig”.  It is a truck with the tower that will lower tools into the well and eventually pull the tubing and the un-cemented well casing pipe out of the borehole hole.  On the back left is probably a pump to pump the clay and cement into the well borehole.  Sometimes there is also a pit or a tank for dealing with the fluids.

Note that the tower on this “service” rig is much smaller than on a drilling rig, particularly smaller than the drilling rigs for the new horizontal shale wells.

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Updated: May 6, 2022 — 10:18 am
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