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“Right to Trespass” Bill Introduced in the House
Updates and Alerts Julie Archer February 24, 2017
Please contact House Energy Committee members and your delegates and tell them to oppose this attempt to take away the property rights of West Virginians.More
Issues: Eminent domainFence-line monitoringLand re-unionOrphaned wellsPipelines
House Energy Committee
Document Julie Archer February 24, 2017
Delegate Bill Anderson (R-Wood), Chair –, (304) 340-3168 Delegate John Kelly (R-Wood), Vice Chair (Oil and Gas) –, (304) 340-3394 Delegate Mark Zatezalo (D-Hancock), Vice-Chair (Coal) –, (304) 340-3120 Delegate Dave Pethtel (D-Wetzel), Minority Chair –, (304) 340-3158 Delegate Jeff Eldridge (D-Lincoln), Minority Vice-Chair, (304) 340-3113 Delegate Bill Hamilton (R-Upshur) […]More
Take Action: Zombie Bills to Aid Drillers Are Back
Updates and Alerts Julie Archer February 14, 2017
As we anticipated, some bad bills that aid drillers at the expense of West Virginia landowners — bills that were either soundly defeated or stalled a different points in the legislative process in 2016 — are starting to reemerge this session. Tell your Senators to oppose these shameful attempts to take away the property rights of West Virginians.More
Issues: Eminent domainLeasingMinerals-RoyaltiesPipelinesPooling
WV-SORO 2017 Legislative Priorities
Blog Julie Archer February 8, 2017
WV-SORO will again be pushing for legislation to have the property rights of surface owners recognized and respected, to increase their chances of owning some of the minerals under them, and to deal with orphaned wells and other environmental problems. We will also be actively opposing legislation the industry introduces (out of its sense of entitlement) that will harm the interests of surface owners.More
Issues: Abandoned wellsFence-line monitoringLand re-unionOrphaned wellsPollution
Surface Owners’ News – Winter 2017
Newsletter Julie Archer February 8, 2017
We know it's been a while since you've heard from us. As the 2017 legislative session gets underway, we wanted to let you know what we've been up to and what we'll be focusing on for the next 60 days.More
Issues: Abandoned wellsDrillilng wasteLand re-unionLegislationNuisance suitsPollution
In Court: WV-SORO Litigation Update
Blog Julie Archer February 7, 2017
Here is a brief update on some court cases we've been involved in or monitoring that affect West Virginia surface owners. Because one-third of WV-SORO members also own an interest in their underlying minerals, so we are including updates on cases that affect some mineral owners.More
Issues: Coal bed methaneEminent domainLeasingMinerals-RoyaltiesPartition suitsPipelines
Zombie Bills? Bad Bills to Aid Drillers Could Be Back in 2017
Blog Julie Archer February 6, 2017
Several bad bills that help oil and gas drillers at the expense of West Virginia landowners could be back during the 2017 legislative session. These include efforts to take away citizens ability to bring nuisance suits, give pipeline companies the right to survey people's land without their permission, and one-sided forced pooling bills (AKA joint development).More
Issues: Eminent domainNuisance suitsPipelinesPooling
Court Approves Drilling Waste Settlement with EPA
Press Release Julie Archer December 29, 2016
The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia formally approved a consent decree between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a coalition of community and environmental organizations. which requires the agency to review and, if necessary, revise its rules for the disposal and handling of dangerous and harmful oil and gas wastes, such as those that result from drilling and fracking.More
Issues: Drillilng wasteEPAFrackingPollution
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