Problems with fumes or noise from idling trucks.

Some surface owners have complained about the diesel exhaust fumes and noise caused by heavy trucks waiting in line at well sites and staging areas for frac jobs etc.

West Virginia has a Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act.  (W.Va. Code 17C-13A-1 through 9.)  Heavy trucks and similar motor vehicles over 10,000 lbs. are only allowed to idle for 15 minutes out of an hour.  There are lots of exceptions in the Act (Section 3), but they do not appear to apply to most of the situations surface owner’s will run into.  It does not apply, unfortunately, to the diesel engines running the equipment on the pads, only to motor vehicles.

If there are such motor vehicles idling near  you, call your local State Police, sheriff, municipal police department, or public service commission and complain.  (DEP oil and gas inspectors do not have enforcement authority over this.)

And let us know about it and what happens.

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