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Newsletter WVSORO October 4, 2011
WVSORO Surface Owners’ News – Fall 2011
Also see Earthworks Factsheet: Epa Hydraulic Fracturing Air Pollution Rules – Talking Points & Background Marcellus Shale Committee Making Progress on New Drilling Regulations, but Surface Owners’ Issues Remain Unaddressed | DEP Accepting Comments on Horizontal Drilling RulesMore
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WV Surface Owners' Guide Update don_alejandro August 1, 2011
When commenting on a permit for a new nearby gas well, especially a horizontal well, maybe you should comment on existing gas wells in the area
If there are existing gas wells close to where they are proposing to drill the new gas well, especially if the new well is a horizontal gas well, then there is one way in which the frac fluid could work its way out of the target formation being fraced for the new well and into your ground water. More
Issues: DEPHorizontal wells
WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO May 5, 2010
Drill water wells as a strategy to protect your rights as a surface owner
Drillers are, under the common law, only supposed to do what is "reasonably necessary" to the surface to get their minerals out -- giving "due regard to" and "accommodating" the surface owner's uses. It is supposed to be a balance. Drillers have many advantages they can use to tilt the balance their way. More
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Blog WVSORO March 2, 2009
The West Virginia Surface Owners’ Bill of Rights
West Virginia’s current surface owner protection laws were first enacted 1983. These were few and ineffective. Surface owners were given only 15 days’ notice before the drilling commences, with no options for input about what parts of their property will be taken by the operators.More
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