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Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO November 8, 2016
Drillers can NOT pool a mineral owner’s lease without authorization!
If a Driller or Landman Tells You They Can Pool Your Mineral Land Without a Pooling Provision in a Lease or an Amendment, Don't Believe Them! More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLeasingPooling
Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO November 8, 2016
Eleven reasons why a judge was wrong to imply a lease covenant to pool
Here Are the Eleven Reasons That The Tyler County Circuit Court Judge's Ruling Is Wrong, And Why No Other Circuit Court Judge nor the Supreme Court Should Agree With the Ruling. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLeasingPooling
BlogNews WVSORO July 8, 2016
Dave McMahon: West Virgina must get it right with gas
I write in response to “Conservation makes for good business,” an op-ed column by a top official of Antero, a natural gas company, published May 28. More
Issues: DEPHorizontal wellsMarcellus shaleOil and Gas
Document WVSORO May 3, 2016
Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgement
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Issues: Horizontal wells
WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO May 3, 2016
You probably can refuse (or maybe block) a horizontal well on your land
If you own the surface and the minerals, and in particular any of the coal, then owning the coal will work for you to block them from using your land for a well pad that will contains several horizontal wells. More
Issues: FloodplainsHorizontal wells
Updates and Alerts WVSORO January 30, 2016
Action Needed to Stop Lease Integration, Implement Study Recommendations
Happy New Year from WV-SORO! Although Winter Storm Jonas is now behind us, the WV Legislature is continuing its work in Charleston through March 13. Please keep reading to learn more about what we've been up to and issues that are coming up during the 2016 legislative session. More
Issues: Drilling wasteHorizontal wellsLegislationPollution
Blog WVSORO January 12, 2016
What Is in the “Horizontal Well Act Studies Implementation Bill” Surface Owners Need Before a Pooling Bill Should Pass
Provisions of Proposed Bill Implementing Findings of Studies Required By the Horizontal Well Act More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLegislation
Document WVSORO September 25, 2015
Appendix to WVSORO’s Horizontal Well Act Position Paper
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Issues: Horizontal wellsLegislation
Document WVSORO September 25, 2015
WVSORO’S Position Regarding the Legislature’s Need to Act Due To DEP’s Non-Response to Horizontal Well Act Studies
The Horizontal Well Act passed in December, 2011. As the bill passed through the Legislature surface owners complained about the limited protections given to surface owners. One of the biggest complaints of surface owners during passage was the limited "setback" from people's homes. More
Issues: DEPHorizontal wellsLegislation
DocumentMap WVSORO July 25, 2015
Plat (map) of a smaller horizontal drilling project
From a permit application in West Virgina in which the horizontal bore goes more in just two directions. More
Issues: Coal bed methaneHorizontal wells
Updates and Alerts WVSORO April 9, 2015
Legislative Wrap-Up and Update
WV-SORO's Take on the 2015 Forced Pooling Legislation and Its Fate More
Issues: Horizontal wellsPooling
WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO October 27, 2014
About the industry/Governor’s”Natural Gas Horizontal Well Control Act” affecting most Marcellus Shale drilling
Read this first. The "Natural Gas Horizontal Well Control Act" (HB 401) passed in a special session of the Legislature on December 14, 2011, just 3 days after its introduction. It was totally the Governor's bill, with little reference to our proposed Surface Owners' Bill of Rights or to the bill proposed by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) under the Manchin administration. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsMarcellus shale
Newsletter WVSORO May 20, 2014
WVSORO Surface Owners’ News – Spring 2014
The Horizontal Well Act passed in December 2011 required the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to conduct three studies regarding various impacts from horizontal well drilling. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsNoiseOil and GasPollution
Document WVSORO June 29, 2012
Summary of the Provisions of Horizontal Well Control Act
The passage of the Horizontal Well Control Act (HB 401) has made some mostly modest changes in the rights of West Virginia surface owners. The following is a brief summary of the most relevant and important changes. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLegislation
Blog WVSORO March 27, 2012
Why Multiple Horizontal Wells from centralized well pads should be used for the Marcellus Shale
The Marcellus Shale is the newest “play” in gas drilling in West Virginia and other states in the East. It is different from other plays in that it produces much more gas, and is under much more area (as explained below) than previous plays. More
Issues: Horizontal wellsLeasingMarcellus shale
Document WVSORO March 17, 2012
Horizontal Well Act Showing Changes
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Issues: Horizontal wellsLegislation
Blog WVSORO November 7, 2011
Surface Owners’ Responses to the Myths and Distortions Put Out by the Industry On the Dangers of Marcellus Shale Horizontal Drilling
Serious environmental concerns, plus concerns about abuses of surface owners are a result of Marcellus Shale horizontal drilling More
Issues: Horizontal wellsMarcellus shale
Newsletter WVSORO October 4, 2011
WVSORO Surface Owners’ News – Fall 2011
Also see Earthworks Factsheet: Epa Hydraulic Fracturing Air Pollution Rules – Talking Points & Background Marcellus Shale Committee Making Progress on New Drilling Regulations, but Surface Owners’ Issues Remain Unaddressed | DEP Accepting Comments on Horizontal Drilling Rules More
Issues: DEPHorizontal wellsMarcellus shalePollution
WV Surface Owners' Guide Update don_alejandro August 1, 2011
When commenting on a permit for a new nearby gas well, especially a horizontal well, maybe you should comment on existing gas wells in the area
If there are existing gas wells close to where they are proposing to drill the new gas well, especially if the new well is a horizontal gas well, then there is one way in which the frac fluid could work its way out of the target formation being fraced for the new well and into your ground water. More
Issues: DEPHorizontal wells
Document WVSORO April 26, 2011
Blue Eagle Marcellus Spacing Circuit Court Decision
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Issues: Horizontal wellsMarcellus shaleWell Spacing
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