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Blog WVSORO December 12, 2010
Information on the Marcellus Shale
Numerous links to resources for information on the Marcellus ShaleMore
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Resource Gallery WVSORO December 12, 2010
The industrialization of rural West Virginia caused by the Marcellus Shale gas play
A few years ago, Marcellus Shale gas was unrecoverable, and West Virginia was a relative backwater in the oil and gas industry. The new techniques of high-volume hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have made a sea change in all of that. More
Issues: Marcellus shaleRural industrialization
Press Release WVSORO October 14, 2010
West Virginia Residents and Group Against Smog & Pollution Appeal Chesapeake Energy Marcellus Shale Permits
On Tuesday West Virginia residents filed an appeal before the West Virginia Air Quality Board challenging two air permits recently issued to Chesapeake Energy for a large—and growing—Marcellus Shale operation in West Virginia’s northern panhandle.More
Issues: Marcellus shalePollution
Blog WVSORO October 7, 2010
Update on the Blue Eagle Well Spacing Suit
Ruling in Well Spacing Case Favors W. Va. Surface Owners West Virginia surface owners declared victory in a ruling in a case challenging state agency rulings on spacing for natural gas wells. The case, Blue Eagle Land Company v. West Virginia Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, was originally filed in the West Virginia Supreme Court […]More
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Document WVSORO September 23, 2010
Fractured Communities
Case studies of the environmental impacts of gas drillingMore
Issues: FrackingMarcellus shale
Blog WVSORO May 23, 2010
Proposed Changes to Oil & Gas Rules, Marcellus Guidance Document
After what can only be described as a rough start, DEP’s Oil and Gas Well Drilling Rule was passed by both chambers on the last day of the session. It took some butting of heads and a couple of conference committees, but the rule as finally adopted begins to address drilling for Marcellus Shale natural gas in some positive ways.More
Issues: Marcellus shaleOil and Gas
Newsletter WVSORO November 24, 2009
WVSORO Surface Owners’ News – Fall 2009
Judge Hears Oral Arguments in Marcellus Well Spacing Case | WV-SORO Responds to Drilling Rule Changes | What caused big fracking fluid spill in Doddridge County?More
Issues: FrackingMarcellus shaleOil and GasPollution
Bad Example GallerySurface Owner Story WVSORO September 23, 2009
Upshur County Marcellus Shale drilling site, before, during and after drilling
Well site during active drilling to the Marcelllus Shale formation in Upshur County, West Virginia, in 2008. (An additional water storage pit is not in the photo.) Copyright WVSORO, June 2008. Permission to use may be obtained from WVSORO. More
Issues: Marcellus shale
Blog WVSORO August 8, 2009
Marcellus formation: leasing and well spacing history
West Virginia Record article on decision compliments WVSORO Amicus Brief in SUpreme Court Gas drilling lawsuit sent back to lower court by W.Va. Supreme Court (News article) Coal companies and others file new appeal in lower court WVSORO also files new appeal in lower court in different county WVSORO allowed to interevene in coal company […]More
Issues: Marcellus shaleWell Spacing
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