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Document WVSORO June 1, 2013
E-mail to the West Virginia Association of Counties about Floodplain Permits
WVSORO sent the following e-mail to the West Virginia Association of Counties alerting them that Counties should let surface owners know when drillers apply for floodplain permits and change their ordinances to make that a permanent part of the process. More
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Going on Land Where There is Drilling Activity - Advice don_alejandro May 8, 2013
Legal opinion on the right of interested citizens to go on to the surface of land they do not own that is being used for oil or gas well drilling and related activities
A member of the Sierra Club asked me for a legal opinion on the right of interested citizens to go on to the surface of land they do not own that is being used for oil or gas well drilling and related activities.More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Press Release WVSORO September 24, 2012
Court to Weigh Appeal, Hearing Rights of Landowners Faced with Drilling
On September 25th, the West Virginia Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that will decide whether a surface landowner has a right to an administrative hearing on, and an appeal of, the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) decision to issue a permit to drill a gas well on the surface owner’s land.More
Issues: Oil and Gas
Document WVSORO January 30, 2012
The West Virginia Surface Owners’ Bill of Rights (pdf)
West Virginia’s current surface owner protection laws were first enacted 1983. These were few and ineffective. Surface owners were given only 15 days’ notice before the drilling commences, with no options for input about what parts of their property will be taken by the operators.More
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Blog WVSORO December 9, 2011
Stronger Marcellus Shale Legislation Needed
In November the legislature's Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale recommended a bill to regulate Marcellus Shale drilling in West Virginia. Now that the committee has completed its work, a special session to adopt new drilling regulations now appears likely.More
Issues: LegislationMarcellus shaleOil and Gas
Buying Land AdviceWV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO September 20, 2011
How Can I Get Ownership, Or a Chance at Ownership, Of the Minerals Under My Land?
If you own the surface but not the minerals it is a very, very good idea to try to get ownership of the minerals. Even if the ownership of the minerals is divided up (often times in what people call “heirship”) and you can only get ownership of a fraction of the minerals, it is a very good idea to do that.More
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Gas Leaks Advice WVSORO September 10, 2011
Breathing air near compressors, wells etc.
Have you been smelling odors from, or just been living near, production facilities such as gas wells and compressors? Have you been having medical problems, like bloody noses, headaches or trouble breathing?More
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Leasing / Amendment Advice WVSORO September 1, 2011
A gas company wants me to sign an amendment to an old lease! I own the surface and the minerals. Should I sign it?
This article is only for people who own both the surface and all or part of the minerals of a tract of property. More
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WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO August 15, 2011
Top 10 Tips for Surface Owners Before/When the Oil and Gas Driller Shows Up
1. Get ready now! The driller will send you a copy of his drilling permit application with the well site and access roads already selected and surveyed less than 15 days before the permit can issue. More
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Buying Land Advice WVSORO July 15, 2011
See Chapter 9 of the West Virginia Surface Owner’s Guide to Oil and Gas
We have one additional piece of advice since the publication of the Guide. You can use two state web sites to try to find if there are any wells near you and what their condition is.More
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WV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO July 7, 2011
Look for springs when commenting on well site locations!
If the well site is constructed over a spring, the water coming out of the spring will destabilize the site.More
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