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Gas Leaks AdvicePipeline Advice WVSORO May 15, 2011
There are gathering pipelines around me leaking gas. What can I do?
It is illegal for a gas well owner to let gas leak from their wells or from their “gathering” lines that transport the gas from their wells to market. It is a violation of West Virginia Code §22-6-31.More
Issues: PipelinesPollution
Press Release WVSORO October 14, 2010
West Virginia Residents and Group Against Smog & Pollution Appeal Chesapeake Energy Marcellus Shale Permits
On Tuesday West Virginia residents filed an appeal before the West Virginia Air Quality Board challenging two air permits recently issued to Chesapeake Energy for a large—and growing—Marcellus Shale operation in West Virginia’s northern panhandle.More
Issues: Marcellus shalePollution
Newsletter WVSORO October 7, 2010
WVSORO Surface Owners’ News – Fall 2010
WV-SORO Win: Ruling in Well Spacing Case Favors Surface Owners | DOH Establishes New Bonding Policy for Drillers | IRS may have ruled that “free” gas is not incomeMore
Issues: DEPOil and GasPollution
Blog WVSORO October 1, 2010
EPA Study of Hydraulic Fracturing’s Potential Impact on Drinking Water
In a major, nationwide effort, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is studying the relationship between hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and drinking water. More
Issues: FrackingPollutionWater
BlogNews WVSORO July 23, 2010
Well explosion in Marshall County
Drilling Allowed To Resume At Site of Explosion (July 23, 2010) DEP clears gas well operator to continue work in state (July 22, 2010) W.Va. gas well blast injures 7; flames now 40 feet  (June 7, 2010) Marshall Gas Well Explodes  (June 7, 2010) Methane May Burn for Days  (June 8, 2007) Minimize Risk In […]More
Issues: Oil and GasPollution
Newsletter WVSORO November 24, 2009
WVSORO Surface Owners’ News – Fall 2009
Judge Hears Oral Arguments in Marcellus Well Spacing Case | WV-SORO Responds to Drilling Rule Changes | What caused big fracking fluid spill in Doddridge County?More
Issues: FrackingMarcellus shaleOil and GasPollution
BlogDocument WVSORO October 1, 2009
Comments on the General Water Pollution Control Permit number GP-WV-1-07
In 2007, when the Office of Oil & Gas (OO&G) initially issued the permit, part of the rational given for issuing a general permit was “to allow for the collection of environmental data regarding volumes of produced water enerated from different coal-bearing strataMore
Issues: Coal bed methaneDEPPollutionWater
Gas Leaks Advice WVSORO August 28, 2009
What about Hydrogen Sulfide or “sour gas”?
Hydrogen Sulfide, also known as "H2S", or "sour gas", is sometimes included with the conventional natural gas that comes out of gas wells in West Virginia. More
Issues: Oil and GasPollution
Water Advice WVSORO August 24, 2009
I want to find out what is in the water they use to “frac” a wells when they put it down and when it flows back. Is there a way I can do that?
Material Safety Data Sheets: One Possible Source of Information About Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing More
Issues: FrackingPollutionWater
Document WVSORO July 24, 2009
Material Safety Data Sheets: One Possible Source of Information About Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing
Identifying chemicals used in the process of hydraulic fracturing of a gas well is a concern of many surface owners and people concerned with the environment generally. Drillers do not release this information. This leaves surface owners, adjacent landowners, and others fearful of the harmful environmental and health effects of the unknown chemicals.More
Issues: FrackingPollutionWater
Water AdviceWV Surface Owners' Guide Update WVSORO July 22, 2009
They are spraying water out of a drilling pit on to the land (or they propose to do so in a drilling permit I received). Can they do that?
A driller is not allowed to just knock a wall out of the pit and let the water and other stuff in it run into a stream, either during or after drilling.More
Issues: Drillilng wasteOil and GasPollution
Resource Gallery WVSORO October 25, 2007
How a Gas Well Is Drilled Down Into the Ground, and What Can Go Wrong
Emphasis will be on the measures the driller is required by the State to take to prevent pollution of groundwater or damage to other underground resourcesMore
Issues: Drillilng wasteOil and GasPollution
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