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Blog WVSORO October 7, 2010
Update on the Blue Eagle Well Spacing Suit
Ruling in Well Spacing Case Favors W. Va. Surface Owners West Virginia surface owners declared victory in a ruling in a case challenging state agency rulings on spacing for natural gas wells. The case, Blue Eagle Land Company v. West Virginia Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, was originally filed in the West Virginia Supreme Court […]More
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Resource Gallery WVSORO December 18, 2007
Well Spacing and Royalty Sharing. (a.k.a. “Spacing, Pooling and Unitization”). What is it?
What it is, and why it should apply, instead of the Rule of Capture, to the drilling of all oil and gas wells in W.Va.More
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Press Release WVSORO October 10, 2007
New State-Wide Organization Formed to Protect Landowner’s Rights
West Virginia landowners now have a new organization focused on protecting them from abuses by oil & gas drillers – the WV Surface Owner’s Rights Organization (WV-SORO).More
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